The Best Exercises for Biceps

The Best Exercises for Biceps

All men who do fitness and go to the gym want to increase the weight of their biceps. Many men want to have big arms, which is why biceps exercises are one of the most popular. Before you start with these exercises, keep in mind that triceps exercises are just as important and that your hands will not be able to reach full capacity if you do not do triceps exercises to the same extent.

1 – Barbell Curl

This is a great exercise that you can do with dumbbells or a larger two-handed weight. The exercise is done from an upright position, by bending the arms only at the elbows and lifting the weight towards the chest. Your back should be straight during the whole exercise, so avoid sudden movements and movements to lift the weight more easily. It is better to lose weight than to risk back injury.

2 – Incline Dumbell Curl

Incile Barbell Curl

You will do this exercise with the help of dumbbells and an oblique bench. Lean on the sloping bench and take the dumbbells in your hands. Put your hands next to your body, and then lift your dumbbells towards you. Bend your arms again only at the elbows and try to make as few body movements as possible. The biceps is the only muscle that needs to be moved during this exercise.

3 – Biceps Cable Curl

Cable Curl

You will do this exercise with the help of a rope. So forget about weights and dumbbells, grab the cable and start pulling. You can do this exercise in different ways, and the most popular way is from a standing position where you pull the cable towards your hands. Of course, you bend your arms at the elbows to load only the biceps.

4 – Concentration Curls

Concentration Curl

This is definitely the most popular exercise for the biceps. Take a sitting position and spread your legs. rest your elbow on your thigh and lower the dumbbell to the floor, then raise it as high as possible to the top. Lean on your free leg with your free hand. This exercise is very demanding and will help you to tear the muscle fibers of your biceps well, which means that it will be stronger and bigger.

Remember: you will achieve good results only when you do all the biceps exercises for the whole body evenly and when you improve your diet. Without protein meals, your arm will be hard to grow.