Holidays in Nature – a Healthy Way for Fat Burning

Holidays in Nature – a Healthy Way for Fat Burning

It is easy to stay in good shape when the weather is nice and when it is warm. However, many people relax and neglect training when wind, rain and snow appear. Winter is used as a response to absence from training, which results in a reduction in fitness activity and weight gain. At the same time, persistent exercisers saw winter and snow as a great opportunity for winter activities. He saw a vacation in nature (walking on snow and cross-country skiing) as an opportunity for fun and fat burning at the same time.

Walking in the snow

This sport is highly simple, so that even beginners have a lot of fun on the first day. People who live in winter areas can spend it in parks or in frozen languages. Most winter resorts are prepared for taking out and special terrain for walking on snow.

For this sport, all you need are waterproof boots, warm clothes and patches. For a start, you can do a couple of sticks, but existing runners are not needed.

Holidays in Nature - a Healthy Way for Fat Burning - a girl is walking in snow.

Snowshoes are special “shoes” made of wooden frames with nets like on a tennis racket. Lately, shorter patches with simple connections have been made. Those who have a desire not to determine their skills in winter activities, should choose smaller snowshoes. Quality snowshoes used by proven “walkers” are relatively expensive, so it is better to rent them to begin with.

Dress in layers, wear thicker socks and waterproof boots. Be sure to pack dry and clean spare clothes in your backpack.

How to walk on snow?

Dose walking on snow like any other workout. Start lightly to increase the intensity of your training gradually. Beginners should start walking about one mile during the first workout. Don’t train. Walking on snow additionally burdens the hips. Thus, breaking through the snow requires much more strength in the legs. Also, it’s burning fat as well.

Cross country skiing

This type of request is related to walking on snow. The activity of a large number of muscles of the upper and lower part of the body make this sport the best training that exists. Cross-country skiing will simultaneously increase the consumption of acid pain from any other form of physical activity. It is known that the supreme cross-country skiers have the highest level of maximum acid consumption. This is one of the best ways to lose weight.

Holidays in Nature - a Healthy Way for Fat Burning - cross country skiing.

Public cross-country ski trails are common in Europe, and are set up by all populations in the United States as well. In Scandinavian countries, children learn this type of skiing from an early age. It is understandable, therefore, that athletes from these parts dominate the Winter Olympics.


Unlike walking on snow, cross-country skiing requires skill, and some beginners may find it difficult. Take a recognition course for a ski instructor who will teach you the basic movements (establishment after a fall, stepping technique, baking up a hill).