Gym Girl Fashion -The Best Fashion Picks For Working Out 

Gym Girl Fashion -The Best Fashion Picks For Working Out 

Gym girl fashion has become a massive movement in style recently. Keeping healthy has become a fashion movement for people with all mobility abilities and body types. Staying fit and active for your physical and mental health is very important- and it’s good to always be ready for exercise. But sometimes it’s difficult for people to look stylish when on the go, or when en route to the gym. It’s important to know what not to wear as well- some clothes, while fashionable, aren’t helpful when you’re exercising. But incorporating some of these pieces in your wardrobe will make sure you look great and are always ready to exercise. Making your gym outfits stylish will ensure that you always want to go to the gym. 

Cool Trainers

Your feet are extremely important when it comes to exercise. Making sure your trainers are adequately supportive and can look after your feet is paramount to your physical health. Cheap trainers that don’t support your feet can damage your feet and legs, and damage your body. They can also stop you from reaching your peak physical performance within your exercise goals. Have a look out for some supportive trainers, so that you can do your best while exercising. Luckily, there are many brands that make cool trainers in all sorts of designs and colours, that will also support your feet. These will make sure you stay stylish but healthy on the go. Top Tip- match the colours in your trainers to the colours on your outfit- this way you can look stylish while sporty.


Tracksuits are a great way to look stylish but can also be extremely useful when exercising. A staple of women’s streetwear, people have been wearing these since the 1970s. Although they were initially more popular with men, in recent years women have been donning matching tracksuit sets. If bought in the right fabric, that is breathable and sweat-absorbing, these may be a great choice to exercise in. They are extremely comfortable and allow for a lot of movement- football players train in these all of the time. If you want to look stylish while also staying active, be on the lookout for women’s tracksuits.


The leggings fashion craze shows no signs of slowing down. But they remain a favourite of sporty girls since the 1980s. Because they’re formfitting, they allow for a lot of movement which is great for the gym or active sport. Furthermore, there are lots of ways in which you can wear leggings. They come in all sorts of colours, fabrics, and patterns. It is nearly impossible to find leggings you won’t look good in. They’re great for keeping you cool on the go- and they will always be in style!

Tennis Skirts

Girls who play sports will know all about these. Tennis skirts have been immensely popular for years- originally only sportswear, they have been used as a fashion statement for many years. However, they are still great to wear when playing sports, especially their namesake- tennis. They keep you cool when you’re doing a lot of physical activity which is paramount to getting the most out of your sport. They also allow for a lot of movement. If you want a garment that you can move in, that is also a fashion statement, definitely invest in a tennis skirt.

Cool T-Shirts

Gym shirt

You can pair these with leggings or tracksuit bottoms. You can never go wrong with a t-shirt. Because these were initially popular as work garments, they allow for a lot of flexibility. They are also available in a lot of different fabrics that are perfect for working out. T-shirts have been in style for nearly 100 years- they’re certainly not going to go out of style now! T-shirts in organic fabrics are great for looking after your skin with all the sweat you produce when you work out. Women’s Organic T-Shirts are a great fashion pick that also make amazing workout clothes, so you can look stylish and stay healthy all at once.

Trends come and go, but the best thing you can do for yourself is to stay healthy. Being healthy and happy is the most stylish thing you can be!