5 Things You Shouldn’t Wear to the Gym

5 Things You Shouldn’t Wear to the Gym

If you’ve ever been to the gym, you’ve certainly spotted people wearing things you deemed inappropriate for the gym. Carrying some things to the gym can actually harm your health or athletic performance, and some could cause you injuries. Follow these few tips to keep your gym focused on exercise. Here’s what you shouldn’t wear to the gym:

1. Clothes made of 100% cotton

Although cotton seems like a comfortable option, it is a material that absorbs moisture and dries slowly. Therefore, sweat will literally stick to you. Wet cotton clothing can cause skin irritation. In addition, you will spread unpleasant odors throughout the room.

100 % cotton.

So avoid going to the gym in cotton t-shirts or tracksuits. For sports, there are entire lines of comfortable sportswear made of special materials that do not absorb sweat and that allow your skin to breathe. Such clothes are also more stretchy than cotton, so they will allow you to move more easily and perform better.

2. Worn sneakers

If you do not change your sneakers until your upper detaches from the soles or until large toes form on your toes, then do not pay enough attention to the health of your feet. Bad sneakers can cause an ankle injury because they don’t provide you with enough support while standing. Good sneakers on the other hand improve your posture during exercise.

3. Boxer shorts

Boxer Shorts.

Sports underwear is very important. People who sweat a lot during cardio workouts may feel discomfort due to the movement and rubbing that takes place during the workouts. This rubbing can lead to redness and skin irritations. Therefore, you should always exercise in tight sports pants or specialized exercise clothes.

4. Jewelry

You should not wear anything that hangs or sways in the gym. This can bother you during exercise. Rings can also cause discomfort and get stuck to your mat or weights. Before going to the gym, it is therefore best to leave all the jewelry at home or store it in a bag.

5. Headphones with loud music


Listening to loud music is not cultural and bothers people who practice next to you. Music that gives you a boost may distract them. In addition, loud music limits your perception of the environment. Therefore, in the gym it is best to listen to music on a quiet to normal level.