Best Tips for Treadmill Training – When, How and Why?

Best Tips for Treadmill Training – When, How and Why?

Staying in shape all year long can be difficult. This is especially true for runners and fitness addicts who like to train outdoors. The most common reason why this training remains “on hold” is weather conditions. During the interruption of training, the cardiovascular condition is lost relatively quickly. Of course, this eventually results in a delay in achieving the basic goal. In situations when we are prevented from training outside, training on the treadmill is the right solution for us. By including it in the regular program, we will improve our fitness and maintain it at the highest level, regardless of the external weather conditions.

Treadmill workout

There are 2 basic guidelines regarding this type of training. They will help you achieve maximum results in the given conditions.

1. For this training – develop good shape

Whether it’s running on the track (in nature) or on the treadmill (in the gym), proper posture is the basis and essence of the whole story. If you are in the wrong shape, you are wasting energy while training. You are also exposing your body to the risk of injury as well as health problems.

Good shape

The first rule that experts recommend is to let the handles on the treadmill, so that your hands swing freely. At the same time, try to keep your body relaxed and free, do not be rigid. Move your arms and legs. This will release the accumulated tension. Also, do not lean forward or backward, as this will cause back pain.

2. Overcome boredom

Boredom is a big enemy of training, and the conveyor belt is otherwise known as the most boring training machine. That is why it is necessary to make the time you spend on it interesting.

Here are some suggestions:

a) Do not run alone

Treadmill running

Find a training partner. You can share experiences with him, talk about results and plans… In addition, your partner can be a good incentive and motivating factor in moments when you give up. You can also develop a healthy competitive spirit with it.

b) Listen to music

Treadmill Music

According to some research, listening to music during training reduces the level of experience of effort. Namely, with the sounds of your favorite music and certain beats, it is easier for us to endure physical effort. As a result, training becomes easier and more successful.

c) Interval training

This type of training (also known as N! T) is a method of exercise in which there is no time for boredom. Here, in the shortest period of time, there is a maximum improvement in fitness and fitness. The duration and intensity of each interval depends on your readiness and set goals.


Although these recommendations and tips for treadmill training are very simple, if you start applying them, you will make them special. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.