Best Advices for Interval Training on Cardio Machines

Best Advices for Interval Training on Cardio Machines

It must have happened to you that while training, you wanted to enrich your cardio program on a treadmill, stepper or bicycle. In the last few years, training that attracts more and more attention is the so-called interval training. It is characterized by speed, fitness and explosiveness. One of the essential characteristics of this training is that it lasts a maximum of 30 minutes, if it is about running.

In the following text, we will offer you 3 different programs that are regularly used on cardio machines.

1. Program-walking on the treadmill with increasing ascent

This program is intended for beginners and intermediate trainees. It is done only on the treadmill and lasts 30 to 60 minutes. You start with a speed of 3.0 to 4.0, depending on your training. 5 minutes increase the climb by 1 division, every minute.

Training on treadmill.

When you reach the maximum, which is level 15, about 20 minutes have passed. Then you start lowering 1 division to zero level. You walk to zero level for another 5 minutes, reducing your speed and lowering your pulse. If you want this exercise to last 60 minutes, repeat everything once more, without resting.

Of course, you can implement this program with both weaker and stronger intensity.

2. Program – for advanced and well-prepared exercisers

In addition to the belt, this interval training can be applied to other cardio machines by increasing or decreasing the number of revolutions (bicycle, stepper, climber).

A girl has a training on stepper.

Time Speed

0 to 5 minutes 5 kilometers

5 to 9 minutes 8 kilometers

9 to 10 minutes 9.5 kilometers

10 to 14 minutes 8 kilometers

14 to 15 minutes 10.5 kilometers

15 to 19 minutes 8 kilometers

19 to 21 minutes 11 kilometers

21 to 25 minutes 8 kilometers

25 to 30 minutes 4.5 kilometers (pause)

3. Group of exercises – for well-prepared and top athletes

This program is used to increase the speed of recovery between various explosive actions. The pulse is strictly controlled, which can be a maximum of 180 when sprinting, and 13o when resting. After the sprint, when the pulse has reached its maximum, we sit on the bench and wait for it to return to lower level (to 130). Then, we get up, repeat the sprint again, and then sit down again. Repeat this 5 to 10 times. In top-trained athletes, the intervals are 30 seconds of sprint and 30 seconds of recovery. Of course, a recovery of 60 seconds is quite good.

A well-prepared athlete is starting to sprint.

This was an attempt to change and “refresh” the established cardio training to some extent. Combine this with your standard cardio trainings. Be sure to pay attention to the level of preparation and start from the easiest level. Before the second and third program, you need to warm your feet as much as possible.