Some Interesting and Usefull Facts about Hybrid Training

Some Interesting and Usefull Facts about Hybrid Training

You have probably experienced at least once that there are no conditions in the gym for training with superseries. One of the solutions we offer you is to do hybrid training. The simplest definition of this way of training is – it is a combination of several movements in one repetition. Let’s take a look at some more interesting facts about hybrid training that you need to know.

Advantages of hybrid exercises

Hybrid Training

This type of training has found its wide application in the training of basketball players in America. But there are also a large number of supporters in Europe. In other words, everyone who aims to improve their fitness during training, applies this method of exercise.

Let’s look at the advantages of this set of exercises:

1. In one exercise, several larger muscle groups are affected

2. In a short time we achieve a larger volume of training

3. Improves several sports characteristics (strength, coordination of movements, muscular endurance)

4. We can perform them in one place

5. One prop is enough to perform them


a) Throw with throw – this exercise combines the following in its technique: deadlift rowing, reverse bend, front squat, military thrust and split squat. It is clear that this is a very serious combination for the whole body.

Dead lifting

b) Shoulder training – here you can combine 4 exercises, from the hardest to the easiest. For example. Start with 10 repetitions of lateral weight lifting, then 10 repetitions front lift, then the same amount of military thrust and upright rowing.

Lateral weightlifting

c) For the legs – do 10 repetitions of step forward, followed by the same number of back squat with a bar behind the door

Step forward

If your main goal is weight loss, you should know that your body will produce more growth hormone. Of course, this hormone will lead to accelerated fat loss.


The number of exercises you perform depends on your creativity and endurance. Also, determine the concept of the exercise yourself by combining weights and bars. By adding different variations, you can avoid monotony and boredom when training.

By the way, despite all the positive aspects of this way of exercising, be careful. Experts do not recommend that this type of training be dominant for a long period of time. So, add this hybrid to your existing training from time to time.