5 Common Misconceptions About Exercise You Need to Ignore

5 Common Misconceptions About Exercise You Need to Ignore

Since its inception, physical exercise has been the subject of much controversy. Like any human activity, people interpret it in completely different ways. Sometimes they praise and glorify him, and sometimes they challenge him. Nowadays, science has almost completely clarified numerous ambiguities and inaccuracies. However, opposing opinions and some exercise misconceptions still exist.

In this text, we will list the 5 most common misconceptions about workout.

1. Exercise will certainly lead to the reduction of excess body weight


Weight loss depends on a number of factors, such as diet and genetic predisposition. Not all people lose weight at the same rate, even if they do the same type of training. It is very possible for an obese person to be physically active and vice versa – for a slender person to be completely physically inactive. However, this does not mean that physical activity should be neglected.

2. Obese people do not benefit much from exercise – one of misconceptions

If they regularly participate in physical exercise, obese people will certainly reduce the general risks in relation to the inactive population. Everyone who exercises, regardless of age, body weight, form of workout – has a positive effect on their health.

3. Regular workout allows us to eat uncontrollably

Every human organism has its own level of metabolism. This metabolism directly determines how many calories the body consumes at rest, and how many during exercise. If we permanently consume more calories than we burn them, even if we exercise, the body will not burn fat.

4. Exercise of a certain part of the body reduce fat only from that part

Abs exercise.

Many still believe that a large number of abs can lead to a slim waist and a flat stomach. This opinion is completely wrong, because fat deposits on a certain part of the body will not be removed if other parts of the body are neglected. It often happens that individuals develop muscles in the area of ​​the abdomen, and that the accumulated fat tissue is still visible in the same part. Therefore, in addition to quality exercise, a balanced diet is also necessary.

5. A big break will turn muscles into fat tissue

Another misconception. Muscle and adipose tissue are 2 completely different terms. Of course, if you stop exercising, muscle tone will decrease, but fat tissue will only increase if we eat unevenly and thus create “reserves”.