One on One Personal Coach: Know everything about Training Rules and Etiquette 

One on One Personal Coach: Know everything about Training Rules and Etiquette 

Everyone that goes to the gym for personal training was once a newbie, so do not fret about making mistakes. However, there are some unspoken etiquette and gym rules that you must be aware of before stepping in for your training. The first thing to do when you go in for the one-on-one personal training in the gym is read carefully the written code designed by the gym for safety, equipment cares and convenience of all gym members on the wall. It will help you feel confident and allow you to feel relaxed when going in for personal training. 

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The dos and don’ts of gym

While going in for your training, there are some other valuable rules and etiquette that must be kept in mind to make your visit to the gym go smoothly. Some of them are mentioned below:

Be Punctual

Being punctual in one-on-one training will show that you are dedicated, committed, and have respect for your trainer’s time. By adhering to the agreed time, you will be organized and achieve better results and gain the appreciation of your trainer and show you are serious about your gym goal. It is also vital that you inform the trainer in advance if you are unable to attend the personal training owing to any unforeseen event on any given day. 

Opt For the Clothing Designed for Training

Although there is no dress code specifically for personal training, you must wear appropriate sportswear when going for one-on-one training at your gym. You must stay away from wearing any skimpy clothing items, and do not forget to wear sports undergarments as you feel conscious while doing some exercise like stretching, squatting, etc. opt for the clothing designed for personal training to feel comfortable while exercising. Put on running shoes of the correct size, you might trip and fall with a bigger size and your feet will hurt with a smaller one.

Personal Hygiene 

During your training session, you are not the only one in the gym, and hence you must understand the way to dress and smell. It is okay if you do not wish to shower before your training, but if you smell bad, you will make others uncomfortable. You take hop in for a quick shower and carry a towel to ensure that your sweat does not drip onto the gym floor to help maintain good personal hygiene. 

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Put Back Your Training Equipment after Use

The basic rules says that if you can lift the weights, you can put them back as well without excuses. It is a sign of good gym etiquette when you put back the equipment after your one-on-one training. Be attentive and carefully place the equipment in the right place so that other gym members can use these pieces of equipment hassle-free and easy. Avoid dropping pieces of equipment like weights, etc. as it can disrupt others on training. Place the equipment gently and clean the equipment after use before leaving the gym.

Put your cell phone away

The gym is not the place to have phone conversations as you may disturb other members’ training sessions. Be considerate of your people in the gym and put away your phone until after the training when you leave the gym. Shy away from taking selfie in the gym area between workouts instead focus on your drills and workout so as not to distract other gym members and come out as rude.  

A gym rookie will feel overwhelmed as a newbie going for personal training. You may make mistake unknowingly that is very normal for beginners, then do not worry we have it covered for you. The personal rules and etiquette of one-on-one training is a must for being respectful to other gym members. It will help make your training a more pleasant experience and allow you to achieve desired results hassle-free and easy.