5 Best Health And Fitness Goals

5 Best Health And Fitness Goals

What Exactly Do You Mean By A Health/Fitness Goal? 

Your health is not just what you look like. It is what you eat and how you feel. Health / Fitness goals are the sign of a happy individual. You need to make a few lifestyle changes and a well-planned alteration in your diet and daily activities to get your health back on track. This is if you know that you lack somewhere in keeping your body in shape and your mind alert and happy.

The past year has been difficult for everyone. You must pick up where you left off. You must pay attention to your physical as well as mental health.

Sweat It Out

Lift A Little Heavier

Walk A Mile Extra

Cut Down On Sugar

It is time to set a few achievable health and fitness goals for yourself. The following section should be able to help you further in this:

1. A Different Set, A Different Rep 

Wouldn’t it be fun if you could incorporate a different exercise in your workout routine every month? It is not just helpful in keeping you interested in your workout but a step ahead of others when achieving your overall fitness goals. It keeps you motivated and energetic as well. Trying a new workout every month is a way to challenge yourself and your limits. You could try a different position or a different variation of the same exercise. You could lift a little more and perhaps go a little low with the number of reps. This is going to make your workout even more enjoyable than it already is. The secret to keeping your exercise fun is to keep changing it periodically.

2. Work On Your Form 

The factor that is even more important than how much weight you can lift is the correctness of your form. Regardless of whether you can lift 200 pounds or do 100 reps of the heaviest weight that you have ever lifted, if your form is not right, nothing is.

7 Health And Fitness Goals To Achieve Before 2021 Ends - a girl has a training with dumbbells.

a) Your position

b) The grip of your hands

c) Range of the motion

d) The speed with which you perform a repetition

e) Isometric hold that you can do with a dumbbell

f) Your breathing technique, all matter a lot

For example, if you are about to perform a deadlift, your feet should be shoulder-width apart and your back should be straight. Do not hunch your lower back as you will risk injuring it badly. Don’t lift it with a jerk and always come down slowly. So, before you decide to lift heavy or any kind of weight at all, learn how to perfect or at least improve your form and motion.

3. Sleep Right, Sleep Tight 

7 Health And Fitness Goals To Achieve Before 2021 Ends - A adult man is sleeping.

A minimum of 5 hours and somewhat 8 hours on the upper limit; this much sleep should be enough for you. Anything less than 5 hours could increase the risk of heart disease. Anything more than 8 hours could cause a lot of stiffness when you finally wake up. The point is that you need to get adequate sleep so that your muscles can recover after a strenuous workout. If you can keep your sleep time between 7 to 9 hours every night, nothing is better than that. This is the basic need of your body and you should be able to fulfill it every day. If you want to cheat, do it once every 10 or 15 days. You can even go all the way to cheat on your diet along with your sleep hours but make it a point to return to your routine the next day.

4. Eat Your Plants 

Have you ever thought of going for an all plant-based diet? This makes more sense because it just gives you a big ocean of healthy options. You can still incorporate lean meat and fat-free dairy products into your daily nutrition. An even smarter thing to do would be to cut out all the processed foods and bring in more fresh ingredients. Look for something like unsalted tofu, locally grown lentils, spinach, broccoli, and mushrooms. Try to eat as many vegetables and plant-based foods as possible. Try to eat fresh and not processed and something rich in antioxidants like red, yellow, and green bell peppers.

5. Make Your Goals Visible 

Fitness goals.

Are you forgetful? Do you tend to overlook what you are working towards? It could get a little difficult for anyone to follow a specific routine every day. You could get derailed from your daily schedule if you do not have your goals right in front of you. How do you manage to keep a track of them every day? Make notes of your health and fitness objectives and stick them on your refrigerator, writing board, dining table vase, and your mirror. Write post-it notes for yourself and stick them up at the places that you hang out the most whether in your house or office.