Why it Matters so Much to Limit Animal Proteins?

Why it Matters so Much to Limit Animal Proteins?

Today, the concept of longevity is explained by various factors 20 to 30% goes to genetics. All other factors are climatic conditions, ecology, eating habits, lifestyle, the presence of stress. In this text, we will consider one of the important conditions for a long and active life. That is the amount of animal proteins in the diet. In most countries, the opinion is that meat should be eaten every day. However, in some parts of the world, primarily in the East, experts think differently.

What’s wrong with animal proteins?

Animal protein

A number of scientific studies have proven the following – excessive use of animal proteins leads to an increase in the levels of insulin-dependent cell growth factor. This factor, which makes cells grow, is directly related to aging and cancer. Of course, if the level of that factor is lower, there is a lower probability of getting cancer, and therefore of dying.

However, it is important to note that of the animal products, only sheep’s and goat’s milk do not lead to such consequences.

Manner and consequences of action

Animal Proteins.

After the research, the scientists determined that proteins from foods of animal origin break down at the cellular level. The products of this decomposition cause DNA damage, which, of course, results in damage to our health. Also, a diet rich in foods of animal origin increases the risk of death due to cardiovascular disease by almost 40%.

So, the first rule in a diet for a long and healthy life is – eat plant foods and fish.

From foods of animal origin, consume eggs, sheep’s and goat’s milk products.

How much meat do long-lived people eat?

There are several zones on Earth where most people over the age of 100 live. In these few areas, long-lived people eat in different ways. But what is the common secret of all of them is that they rarely or never eat meat.

Old man with sheeps.

Yet; it should also be noted this: the food of Italian centenarians from Sardinia has nothing to do with today’s pizza. Also, the food of the Japanese residents of Okinawa is not at all like modern sushi from a restaurant. Most of these respondents eat meat only on holidays and never more than twice a month. The famous centenarians from the Caucasus should also be mentioned here. Their traditional diet is characterized by a dairy-plant orientation. They limited meat to a minimum, especially in warmer weather conditions.


This text was only a partial attempt to answer the question from the title. Of course, it is clear that nutrition alone is not the only factor for a long and healthy life. It is one of the segments of all the circumstances that surround us. However, we hope that we have at least somewhat drawn your attention to the facts that we often forget.