10 Insomnia Facts That Will Surprise You

10 Insomnia Facts That Will Surprise You

Although for those who are unfamiliar with this facts, insomnia is not a particular problem, it can become a very serious and destructive factor in your life. In this text, we will present a few facts that may surprise you, but also help you drive away this problem. Here are some advices how to avoid a lack of sleep.

1. To fall asleep, we need about 15 minutes. If your sleep does not come in an hour, it is probably an episodic insomnia. But, if it happens to you 3 or more times a week, you should look for the cause of this phenomenon.

2. The causes of insomnia can be very banal. Screen radiation (TV, computer, tablet, mobile phone) negatively affects our biorhythm and prevents the production of sleep hormones, melatonin. The cause of restless sleep can also be an uncomfortable pillow, synthetic bedding, a hearty dinner, the room is not ventilated, etc. You will notice that these are causes that you can eliminate today.

3. The real myth is that a glass of alcohol will help you fall asleep faster. On the contrary, alcohol will make sleep restless, and waking up difficult, with a headache.

4. Sleeping pills? It is a, let’s be realistic, one-time measure. If we take them for a long time and uncontrollably, we can become addicted and then addicted. Therefore, be careful with medications.

Sleeping with pills.

5. People who overindulge in sweets more often than others have trouble sleeping. Due to the large amount of sugar in the blood, the body begins to produce the hormones adrenaline and cortisol, and they are great enemies of sleep.

6. Chronic insomnia significantly increases the risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and obesity. In addition, it causes anxiety, depression, and even dementia. Also, exhaustion due to lack of sleep is reflected on all organs and systems in the body. This is the reason why it should not be delayed to solve this problem.

7. What to do? Try to “agree” with your body. You can teach him certain habits. For example – a light walk before bed, reading a book just before bed, or practicing a bath. In this way the body will create a “reflex” that will eventually lead him to dream.

Reading book before sleeping.

8. Here is one technique for fast falling asleep. Take a comfortable position in bed and breathe through your nose, counting to six. Hold your breath, counting to seven. Exhale to your mouth, counting to eight. Repeat the whole cycle. This exercise slows down the heart rhythm, which gives the big brain a signal that it is time to sleep.

9. Two more interesting methods for falling asleep – while lying in bed, you need to open and close your eyes with a certain dynamics. The pauses between blinks must be equal (10 to 20 sec.). It will be harder and harder for you to open your eyes every time. Another option is to close your eyes and point your pupils upwards. They are, by the way, in this position when we sleep.

10. The method of limiting sleep is based on the fact that, if you have not managed to fall asleep at all – get out of bed and have fun with some little thing. You will very quickly feel that your dream is approaching.


Counting sheep.

Finally, the famous story of sheep counting has its sequel – if that counting doesn’t help you, then let each sheep tell you something. Of course, this is a bit spiced with humor, but the problem of insomnia should definitely be taken seriously.