5 Best Exercises For Huge and Strong Arm Muscles

5 Best Exercises For Huge and Strong Arm Muscles

No matter how hard you train, when it comes to hands, the key thing is selection. Many exercisers are not sufficiently aware of the importance of choosing the right exercises when it comes to arm training. These 5 movements will hit your arm hard and make them huge and strong. It will raise your training to a higher level. Also, it will increase your muscle mass.

Triceps destruction


Triceps collapse on a bench or chair is one of the best exercises for building the muscles of the back of the arm. In his book “Targeted Bodybuilding”, exercise psychologist Per Tesch showed magnetic resonance imaging during this exercise, which clearly shows how all three parts of the triceps muscle work. That is why it is very popular among bodybuilders.



Many people classify the joints as a back exercise, which is also true since they strongly activate the back muscles. However, the lifting movement itself causes the biceps to bend and contract. Numerous exercisers have achieved biceps growth by giving up dumbbell exercises for a while and working on strengthening their arms exclusively by doing the joints. Just lifting your own weight is a challenge in itself, and if you are strong enough, you work with the load.

Pressure from the forhead

This classic barbell exercise is among the most popular among exercisers. Many bodybuilders, including Ronnie Coleman, perform this exercise with moderate weights. The emphasis should be on the extension of the muscle itself and not on the weights.

Biceps band on a slope bench

Biceps band

This exercise with an extended range of motion is ideal for exercisers who have trouble strengthening their arms. It is also one of the isolation exercises, so all the muscles of the strong arm are very engaged and under a lot of pressure because there is full stretching.

Triceps extension 

Thanks to this exercise, it will not put too much strain on your elbows. Some exercisers have the impression that they cannot achieve the full effect by doing an extension with dumbbells. Triceps extension on the cables provides continuous muscle tension even in the final phase of the exercise.