Some Interesting and Useful Fitness Tips

Some Interesting and Useful Fitness Tips

Everyone who trains, recreationally or professionally, adheres, to a greater or lesser extent, to the advice they receive from their trainers. Likewise, most practitioners like to be informed through various means of information, such as professional magazines or TV shows. For this reason, in this text we will try to give you some interesting and useful fitness tips.

1. Lean back when doing squats


If performed correctly, squats are an extremely safe exercise. Leaning forward significantly and arching your back puts unnecessary pressure on your knees and spine. That’s why you need to lean back and lean on your hips, not your spine. In this way, you will ensure greater strength when lifting weights, and the spine will remain in a neutral position. Also, you maximally engage the gluteal muscles, while enabling the lower legs to be in an upright position. In other words, you correctly distribute the pressure that occurs when performing exercises.

2. Morning and evening training are equally effective

Morning training

We know that muscle temperature and aerobic capacity are slightly elevated during the afternoon or evening. But, this does not mean that training time affects muscle growth and your strength. A study carried out a long time ago proved it. Namely, one group of subjects trained during 10 weeks at different times, in the morning and in the evening.
After that, the examiners, using magnetic resonance imaging, carried out a precise measurement of changes in muscle mass and concluded that the training time does not affect the results at all.

3. Squats on one leg

We have already mentioned that squats strengthen the gluteal muscles. However, in this part of the text, we especially emphasize the middle gluteal muscle – gluteus medius, or the large hip muscle. It draws and internally rotates the thigh and is important for protecting the anterior ligament in the knee. In addition, it is very important for the stability of the hips and knees, during fast movements. That is why special attention is paid to it during training, and experts recommend that, in order to strengthen, squats are performed on one leg.

4. Training with an elastic band

Elastic bands are very useful, especially in the later stages of training, for example – when lifting weights. Since they are attached to the lever, they provide additional resistance and increase the power of the movement. By the way, this phase of training is often used by football players, because these exercises significantly affect the strength of the legs. Also, in athletes, they enable explosive training during squatting.

5. Vibration training of the whole body

Vibration training

This type of training includes basic exercises such as: squats, push-ups, lunges and pull-ups. During the performance of these exercises, vibrations are transmitted through the feet, hands and buttocks. In this way, they activate stretch receptors in the muscles and stimulate the secretion of hormones that affect muscle tone. If athletes devote themselves to vibration training between sets, strength and physical capacity increase significantly. Apart from the above, these exercises are also useful in rehabilitation after injuries.

6. Relationship between sprint training and strength training

Of course, our body reacts to any type of training. But the fact is that the body does not react equally to all exercises. Namely, experts have proven that mixing different exercise methods leads to disturbances in physiological adaptation. In other words, muscle contractions during intense training (bodybuilding, weightlifting) lead to muscle strengthening and growth. At the same time, sprint training does not lead to an increase in muscle mass. So, the sequence of training significantly affects cellular adaptation. That’s why people adapt best to different types of training when they do it on different days, or at different times during the day.

What to add to the list of interesting and useful fitness tips?

We believe that this list could be much longer. However, the authors of the text are not experts, but these fitness tips are listed based on the articles read, as well as opinions based on experiences. Therefore, all those interested can make their suggestions and complete the above text.