Don’t Be Afraid of Hunger and Keep It under Control

Don’t Be Afraid of Hunger and Keep It under Control

Have you entered this year with a firm decision to take better care of your health and diet? However, after a few weeks, you gave up. No wonder, because the feeling of hunger is one of the greater stresses that exist. The question is – how to overcome the feeling of hunger and keep it under control.

Control hunger

The feeling of hunger stems from many different factors. There are several things you need to deal with to stifle it. The way you start the day is crucial to how your body will function. A meal is important for energy and its goal is to balance blood sugar, hormones, bring enough vitamins and minerals and ensure good bowel function.

A guy is controlling his hunger by rejecting greasy food.

A well-balanced meal will provide long-lasting satiety, and there will be no feeling of hunger attack. In the digestive tract, ie the stomach, in the moments when it is empty, the hunger hormone “ghrelin” is secreted. Ghrelin levels can also be influenced by other factors, such as lack of sleep or emotional state.

What spoils our hunger control ?

In addition to the objective feeling of hunger, there are various inadequate factors that make us eat. People eat when they have a feeling of psychological, emotional or social emptiness. Try to organize your time differently, hang out, walk, read and talk. Drink water, lemonades and teas without sugar constantly throughout the day, not waiting to be thirsty. Natural juices are not a substitute for water and have a lot of sugar, so they quickly cause hunger. We often eat various snacks and we are not aware that we have eaten a lot of calories.

A girl doesn't control her hunger.

You can eat healthy snacks, but know that they do not replace a meal. Products that have a lot of calories, but very quickly cause hunger, are primarily bakery, confectionery (sweets), pasta, white rice, various snacks and various desserts. Another reason that makes us eat is habit. Your brain tells you that you are hungry, because it is time for lunch, regardless of whether you are really hungry. This means that a large number of us fail to adapt to our hunger signal. Let us remind ourselves that our cave ancestors did not have instant access to food like us. Also, when eating a meal, one should avoid the wrong habit of routinely determining the amount of food, rather than eating as needed. A great help for that is to replace plates and bowls with smaller ones.

Ways to always be full

1. It is important that the first meal is balanced

2. During the day, eat vegetables with meals, as well as salads of different types of vegetables

3. Drink tea, tomato juice, water, yogurt and wait half an hour. Maybe you’re not really hungry.

Recommended potions to control hunger.

4. Protein in the first meal raises the level of amino acid, which means that it loses the desire for sugar. Proteins are digested longer and maintain a feeling of satiety

5. Fats should be ingested, but those that are healthy and from unprocessed vegetable oils (olives)


To successfully control your appetite and hunger, we suggest keeping a diary of food and mood. Describe all the situations when you thought you were hungry and you will discover the cause that was the trigger to take food.