A Useful Guide to Buying Protein Products

A Useful Guide to Buying Protein Products

The most common question asked by beginners in the use of supplements is related to the choice of protein. Maybe you have already made a mistake in your choice, because you were guided by the wrong criteria. For example, you have opted for an attractive look of the packaging, for a sounding name or a large number on the packaging. If you have such an experience, this helpful guide to buying protein products can help you a lot.

Don’t fall for marketing tricks

1. Numbers on the packaging

Customers who are still not well versed in this area very often fall under the influence of very well thought out marketing tricks. For example, you must have come across packages with “100%” written in large numbers. But that does not mean that the package contains 100% protein. In other words, this number indicates the origin of the protein, that is, it is a guarantee that the protein certainly (100%) originates from, for example, whey. So, this number guarantees you that the protein is of whey origin, and not that it is 100% in the product. Otherwise, the percentage of protein in that package can be 60, 70 or 80%.

2. The size of the package

Have you ever bought a huge can of protein, brought it home, opened it, and it was half empty? Of course, another trick of the manufacturer. You have the impression that you bought (but also paid) much more than you actually received. Therefore, take care – The net weight of the product is written on all packages. Let it be the main criterion of your choice.

3. Imprecisely stated amounts of protein

Protein grams

A very common occurrence, in general with all manufacturers, is that they inaccurately state the amount of various types of protein. Namely, they list all the species included in the composition of the product, but do not emphasize the amount of a specific ingredient. In this way, we conclude that many sources of protein are represented and we believe in the quality of the product. However, we do not know in what quantity they are present. Namely, very often the most expensive ingredient is present in the smallest percentage. Of course, it does not mean that it is a rule, but it is easily possible.

What else is important, other than a protein buying guide

We believe that these tips have only reminded most of the generally known facts. We all had more or less similar experiences in this area.
But, apart from using protein products, we must not forget the essence of the process of gaining muscle mass. In other words, the basic condition for muscle growth is regular training, proper nutrition and rest. Only then do we recommend including supplements in the diet.