The Five most Common Reasons that Slow Down Fitness Frogress

The Five most Common Reasons that Slow Down Fitness Frogress

The best way to increase your training success is to look at the mistakes that keep people from achieving their pre-training goals. Namely, learning from other people’s mistakes can successfully shorten your path to your goal. In the following text, we will list the 5 most common reasons that slow down progress in fitness. Of course, there can be more, but this time we will focus on this number.

Fitness training

So, let’s look at what are the mistakes that we, or others, make when training.

1. You blame someone or something for your condition

What psychologists would call rationalization, in other words, means that we do not see our situation realistically. That is, we do not accept our responsibility and commitment to what we do.
Therefore, in order to achieve more, you need to invest more. It means – more time, more mental capacity and total commitment to the goal you have. Whether you succeed depends solely on you.

2. You doubt yourself and your abilities

Fitness doubt

Behind this attitude is the fear of failure. Maybe your set goal seems too far and unattainable. You believe that you are unable to reach it.
What to do? Break the goal down into smaller, daily or weekly chunks. For example, decide to have 3 training sessions one week. Once you achieve this, your confidence will take you to the next level and you will be satisfied with what you have achieved. Day by day you will become more confident in yourself and be closer to your goal.

3. Temporary keeping of the diet

It is a completely wrong attitude that you should diet only while training and not achieve the desired results. However, it is necessary to follow a certain diet at all times. If necessary, consult an expert and eat a certain regimen constantly. Because, don’t forget that it was improper nutrition that led you to the condition that requires dieting.

4. You don’t have a verification system

Fitness plan

This is one of the most common reasons that slows down fitness progress. Namely, if you do not have a clearly expressed plan and goals for your training, it means that you are (again) afraid of failure. Therefore, record all the training and record all the changes you achieve, regardless of success or failure. In this way, you realistically see your behavior in the whole process and indicate to yourself any progress or failure. The fact that you communicated your wishes and plans to others will also have a very good effect. Because experts have proven that we feel a much greater responsibility towards the environment (partner in the gym, family member, etc.).

5. You listen to the advice of others

In any aspect of life, including coaching, there are a great number of different opinions. In other words, there are a large number of advisors who “know best” how to approach your goal. In most cases, these are just empty stories that have no real basis.
For this reason, listen to the advice of experts, who will tailor your training plan to you. In addition, if you want to hear other people’s opinions, listen to those who are successful in this domain. Choose people who are a clear example of what you are striving for and who will give you the right, appropriate help.


Perhaps, at least in one of the mentioned reasons, you have found yourself. If so, and if you’ve admitted it to yourself, you’ve taken the first step in helping you accept what are the most common reasons that slow down your fitness progress.
As we stated in the introduction of the text, we believe that there are more than 5 of these reasons. But, about them – on another occasion.