A Few More Useful Fitness Tips

A Few More Useful Fitness Tips

All professional magazines, shows in the field of fitness, as well as direct contacts with trainers, are full of interesting books and advice. Of course, all of them aim to help us, on the way to the goal, to overcome obstacles more easily, and also to learn something. For this reason, it is never superfluous to learn something new, or to be reminded of something we already know. So let’s look at some more useful fitness tips.

1. Stretching until relief


We know that sitting in a crooked position causes pain between the shoulder blades, which over time develops into chronic back pain. Perhaps you did not know, but the same effect is produced by unbalanced training, Namely, if you persistently do not train (shoulders bend forward and limit the mobility of the upper part of the back, which will lead to strain in the lower part. In other words, you feel chronic pain.
In order to avoid this, experts suggest uniform execution of exercises, as well as proper sitting. But what is very effective is the stretching of the upper back, which you can do not only in the gym, but also in your room or office.
Also, another tip – if your back hurts, don’t sleep on a hard surface, but on soft ones, because it relaxes the tight ligaments.

One example of a stretching exercise is to hug yourself
Cross your arms over your chest and reach as far as you can towards your shoulder blades. Hold this position for 10 seconds. Relax your shoulders, then repeat the exercise.

2. Intensity is not the same as speed

Very often, exercisers think that if they do the exercises quickly, it means that the training was intense. However, the opposite is true. Because, in this way, we neglect the correct execution of the exercises, which will lead us to stagnation. For this reason, experts remind us that proper execution means that, at the end of the muscle contraction, we hold that position for a second, and then slowly return to the starting position.

3. Walking and appetite


What to do if you have a strong craving for sweets? Take a walk. Namely, British scientists made the following experiment:
Chocolate lovers, who stopped eating sweets for 3 days and went for a walk for only 15 minutes (when they got a sweet tooth), showed that their desire was significantly reduced. At the same time, those who did not go for a walk during those 3 days developed a much stronger need for sweets. Therefore, physical activity causes the secretion of pleasure hormones (endorphin, serotonin) in our brain. In addition, this short walk can burn up to 80 calories.

4. Training and external temperature

You believe that during the summer you can train more easily and burn fat faster. But some studies have shown the exact opposite. For example, subjects who rode a bicycle at a temperature of 11 degrees Celsius, rode 5% faster than at 30 degrees. At the same time, they covered a greater distance. Why? The answer is as follows – in a warmer environment, the brain does not allow us to overexert ourselves by exercising and protects us from overheating. Also, the core muscles are much less activated in the heat.
So, a lower temperature and a cooler environment are much more suitable for our training and provide conditions for better results. Otherwise, according to experts, the optimal temperature for this type of activity is from 16 to 19 degrees Celsius.

Conclusion on useful fitness tips

We believe that the list of useful tips in this area is much longer and that probably each of us knows at least one more that we have not mentioned. But we hope they will encourage us to think of them for a moment as we move toward our goal.