What is “NIKSEN” and Useful Tips for its Application

What is “NIKSEN” and Useful Tips for its Application

Most of us are probably unfamiliar with this term. But, considering the events in today’s busy world, when we get to know the meaning of this word, we will realize that we really need it. Therefore, let’s look at what “Nixen” is and what are the useful tips for its application.

Namely, the word itself comes from the Dutch language and means idleness or idleness. In this way, we achieve harmony and balance between load and relief. So, let’s see briefly what it is about.

Why introduce “Nixen” into everyday life


The modern man today is a witness, but also a participant, of disturbed relations between the business and private part of his life. In other words, the obligations we have at our workplace very often transfer to the so-called free time. At the same time, in our private life we also have countless obligations, personal or family. For example – going shopping, mandatory training in the gym, meetings with friends, school duties of our children, and the like. If we add to this the activities on social networks and the multi-purpose use of mobile phones, it is clear that all this affects our psyche, and thus our health. Simply put – we are constantly burdened with something.

But that’s why “Nixen” appears as a salvation from everything.

The right dose in the application of nixen

To most disciplined people, being idle sounds impossible. We don’t want to be useless and unproductive, our conscience gnaws at us if we postpone an obligation, we want to always be efficient and diligent. Therefore, in order to calm the conscience and at the same time take a break from obligations, we must be careful in using this technique.

Nixen using

We can, for example, choose to go for a walk, sit in a room and listen to music, engage in a hobby, or simply – do nothing. A short break from everything is just a counterbalance to our obligations. When we say “short break” we really mean it. Because, we must not constantly run away from our obligations and be chronically depressed. It won’t make us more productive. On the contrary, we will become sluggish and irresponsible. Of course, that is by no means our goal. We want to strike the right balance between responsibilities and relaxation

Relaxation Tips

Now that we have a brief introduction to the term nixen, let’s look at just a few useful tips for its application.

1. Set aside a few minutes every day when you will do nothing that has a specific goal. Sit comfortably and consciously enjoy these moments. Day by day, gradually increase this time period. Of course, within reason.

2. Try to turn off the mobile phone, computer, television for a certain time during the day. You don’t always have to be available to someone who needs something from you. In other words, be the focus of yourself.

Nixen using at room

3. Finally, teach yourself to enjoy the moments you spend with yourself. Don’t see it as a waste of time. Remember – when you do nothing, you do it for your own good. We repeat again, limit that time, so that they don’t go to the other extreme.