Mandatory Equipment for a Pleasant Stay Outdoors

Mandatory Equipment for a Pleasant Stay Outdoors

We all know very well the benefits of being outdoors. And when we add to that some physical activity that we carry out in nature, the effect of our time outside becomes even more visible. But, very often we tend to find various excuses like “the weather is bad, I’m not in shape, I don’t have the right equipment”. Precisely for these reasons, in this text we will try to give you some practical advice and introduce you to the mandatory equipment for a pleasant stay outdoors.

So, if you’ve decided on this adventurous trip, you need to have the following on your list:

1. Appropriate clothing 

Outdoor clothes

Overalls, which will protect you from possibly bad weather conditions (rain, wind). You should feel comfortable, safe and protected in it.

2.Shoes (sneakers) for hiking 

Thick matching sole with large crampons and rubberized protection. They may seem rough, but be sure that the material they are made of is light enough to give you the stability and protection you need. Also, in these shoes you can easily achieve the desired pace and stability.

3. A backpack 


Is an indispensable prop that you carry with you. Of course, it should be designed to allow you freedom of movement in your shoulders and hips. In addition, the material from which it is made must not interfere with your normal movement and be a burden. Finally, imagine a backpack that, when unfolded, becomes a tent. Thus, one prop turns into two useful specimens.

4. Sleeping bag 

In nature, in the cold, a sleeping bag is your refuge where you will be comfortably accommodated and warm. We only add to this that there are also bags for two, which makes them much more interesting.

5. Tarpaulin, multipurpose


Is a very useful piece of equipment for a pleasant stay outdoors. Namely, this tarpaulin is made so that it can, with improvisation, become what you need at a given moment. That is, you can use it as a tent, cloak, rain cover, shelter or base. Also, you can pack some props in it and carry it as a bag.

6. Water bottle

Recently some manufacturers have created a water bottle from a material that can be folded or unfolded, as needed. It can even be folded to the size of a fist, and filled with hot water can be used as a thermos.

7. Gas stove

Gas stove

Also a very important prop that will serve as a mini-kitchen for preparing simple drinks, maybe some food.


We believe that we have succeeded in showing you the mandatory equipment for a pleasant stay in the open air, and made you want to go on a one-day adventure and experience the charms of being in the open air.