Well-groomed and Beautiful During Workout

Well-groomed and Beautiful During Workout

Is it possible to be beautiful and nurtured everywhere and at any time? Of course that! Regardless of whether you exercise at home, in the gym, fitness studio or outdoors, with these guidelines you will be beautiful during workout.

Hydrate the skin

Wearing powder, bronzer and highlighter during a strenuous workout is not a good idea. Due to increased sweating, the pores on the face can become clogged under the powder, which further leads to acne and skin irritations. Instead of powder, apply a light, moisturizing cream to your face that will prevent your skin from drying out during a hard workout. In case you exercise outdoors, be sure to use a sunscreen, even if it is cold and cloudy outside.

Tie your hair

Loose hair can interfere with your workout. Not only will you sweat extra, but you will also have to remove it from your face non-stop. Even though your hair is freshly washed and combed, it is best to tie it in a ponytail before training. In that case, choose your hair elastic carefully. Use spiral, silicone rubber bands. They are very light, do not shrink and do not pull hair, and best of all, you will have perfectly straight hair even after removing the eraser.

Avoid excessive sweating

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Every physical activity causes extra sweating, so don’t go to training without deodorant. In addition to the equipment, make sure that your fitness bag contains a suitable “roll-on or deodorant”, which will provide an additional feeling of freshness and protection from unpleasant odors. In addition, drink plenty of fluids to keep you hydrated.

Post-workout care

After a hard workout with the shower, it is mandatory to clean the face. Also, to remove all impurities and prevent sweat and dust particles from clogging the pores on the skin. For thorough and effective, and at the same time gentle, facial cleansing, they use an appliance with soft silicone brushes, in order to properly remove all impurities and excess sebum from the face. Apply a suitable foam or cleansing gel to the brush, then massage the product into the face in a circular motion and then rinse thoroughly. Then apply a soothing moisturizer.