How to Bulk up Fast: Maximize Your Muscle Growth

How to Bulk up Fast: Maximize Your Muscle Growth

Many people exercise for different reasons. While some do it to tone their body, some do it for the wonderful mental and physical health benefits it brings; and there’s the rest that train to get remarkably big muscles. If bulking up is your thing, then how you exercise will differ from someone who only wants to stay in shape. But a proper bulk takes time and consistency. That “time” is where the problem lies.

Not to worry; here are five effective tips for maximizing muscle gain fast.

1. Start from a lean state

If you’re overweight, then you’d need time to burn that fat and then replace them with bulky muscles. But when you’re in a lean state (body fat near 10% for males and 16% for females), your body will tend to use its available calories for hard training and muscle growth.

However, you can lose fat and gain muscles simultaneously through body recomposition.

2. Attain higher volumes progressively

Training more frequently and with higher total sets is key to bulking up. You’re well fed, with enough calories, so your body is able to keep up with the high training volume and still recover well.

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However, progressing from the lower end of things is key. If you aim to hit 50 weekly sets of aparticular program, start by going between 15-20 and progress as the weeks go by.

3. Consume more calories

If you intend to bulk up fast, then you’d have to ignore people who recommend cutting low on carbs. That’s because you need calories as fuel to withstand the high-intensity weight training you’d engage in while bulking up. Gaining muscle means also gaining weight. That implies you’d have to consume more calories than you burn. However, you want to ensure you eat at a rate that supports muscle growth and not fat accumulation.

Eating at the gym.

Remember, you’re trying to build muscles, not fat. Gaining more fat will not help your muscle growth; in fact, it inhibits it.

4. Train more frequently

If an average person should train 30 minutes daily four times a week, you want to do much more than that to get ripped. You’d have to do more resistance training in your program, more reps and sets, and more times a week. However, higher frequency is more effective in muscle gain than doing too much in a single session. Since such hard training can get you sore, it’s a great idea to procure sports medicine by Dr. Steve Yoon. Such medicines will help treat pains and muscle injuries so you can get back to your workout ASAP. If you wait for them to heal on their own, that’s valuable time wasted.

5. Eat lots of protein

Protein is essential for muscle growth. In fact, it is the building block. So if you intend to bulk up within a short time, you need to ensure yo’re consuming more than your average daily protein requirements. Aim for around 0.8-1.0 grams of protein per pound of body weight. If you must, add supplements.

But too much of everything is bad. So rather than make your entire food protein, replace your excess protein with carbohydrates as that’s the fuel your body needs to build muscles.

Final words

You need to push your muscles to near failure when training for muscle growth. However, it would be best if you didn’t lose focus on technique. Ensure you’re hitting the form right, track your progress, and you’d be happy with the results.