How to Oppose Demotivators

How to Oppose Demotivators

Armed with the latest supplements, you have chosen the best exercise program, you have bought a new belt, gloves and a water bottle. Can anything stop you on the way to the set goal? Can. Your own psyche. Here are some tips how to oppose demotivators.


In contact with other exercises in the gym, your safety will often be tested. You will rarely come across someone in the gym who does not consider himself the most informed on all issues and the most authoritative for all advice. And how could he not be when he allegedly tried everything that could be tried from supplements, diet, exercise…

Never let such people sway you. If you start thinking about a few “tips” that you picked up, you will not sincerely believe in any of them, and if you truly do not believe in what you are doing, the results will not be the best either. So firmly believe in your idea. After all, after only a few months, you will be able to assess how your system commands.


The rhythm of your exercises and how good music can support you. Of course, the musical tastes of each of us are different, but the music that will accompany you during the exercise must be rhythmic, powerful, raise adrenaline and give you motivation.

How to Oppose Demotivators - a girl is listening music at the gym.

So, if you have an instructor who adores folk and plays them regularly during training, feel free to play your CD for rock, metal or rap music. After all, he is here because of you and the improvement of the conditions of your exercise, and not to make a raft out of the gym.

Write down your progress

From time to time it is good to measure your main “parts” of the body and write them down. If the meter shows how your arm has grown by 2 cm or your hip has fallen by 5 cm, you can be sure that you are on the right track. And no matter what others tell you or what the environment looks like to you. Also, never measure yourself against others. There will always be those bigger, but also smaller than you. After all, not everyone goes to the gym with the same goal, nor are we all the same – far from it. Just look at your business and again don’t pay attention to those who will tell you how much hand they had last year. It only matters now and only you matter.

How to Oppose Demotivators - Writing progress.


To summarize, peace of mind and determination are by far the most important factor in your training career. Without it, everything else will collapse very easily. Also, you will either give up disappointed or continue to exercise aimlessly every week with a different system. If you do not allow anyone to create chaos in your thoughts and plans, you will be able to ensure successful exercise and progress in the long run. You will be very happy with yourself, and you will learn to separate what is important and what is irrelevant in the stories that surround you.