Interesting Facts from the Fitness World

Interesting Facts from the Fitness World

The basic facts and various “secrets” of fitness are mostly known to those who practice it. Various exercisers, as well as different trainers always know some information that may surprise us.
So, let’s take a look at some interesting facts from the fitness world that you may not have known.

Stretch the tendons

Tendon stretching can be of great importance in recovery from tendon injuries. Also, they can contribute to a better result in running or jumping. movement and contributes to the strength of the surrounding muscles.

Take 100 steps per minute

The device called “pedometer” is a useful motivational tool to increase the number of steps you take. However, the pedometer shows only the distance you have walked, but not the speed you walk. As a rule, 100 steps per minute is a very good, even optimal pace you need to adhere to.

Short-term interval training of strong intensity

One group of researchers found that these workouts increase aerobic capacity by 17%. Also, muscle glycogen stores increase by over 20%. This type of training speeds up muscle recovery time. Short-term high-intensity workouts are painful and tiring, but at the same time lead to a rapid increase in aerobic capacity.

A good dream in the prevention of colds – another interesting fact

Interesting Facts from the Fitness World - a girl is sleeping (7-8 daily)

A group of researchers in Pittsburgh exposed two groups of subjects to the flu virus and found an interesting fact. The group that had a lack of sleep (less than 7 hours) was as much as 3 times more exposed to the virus than the group that slept enough (8 or more hours). other studies have also shown that little sleep leads to high blood pressure, obesity, and even a stroke or heart attack.

Have we become “online” hypochondriacs?

The Internet has definitely led us to hypochondria. Quick and easy access to medical information on a large number of sites has led us to make our diagnoses very easily. In your head, the most common headache becomes a brain tumor, and muscle inflammation turns into a serious bone disease. Of course, you need to inform yourself about your health, but don’t let your imagination beat you so easily.

Post-workout massage – improved immune system

Interesting Facts from the Fitness World - guy is having a post-workout massage.

This is a great way for the body to relax after a hard workout. Intense training is a shock to your body and immune system. People who massage after training have higher levels of immunoglobulin A, a chemical that plays a major role in disease prevention.