Discover Proven and Most Attractive Facts About Nordic Walking

Discover Proven and Most Attractive Facts About Nordic Walking

Nordic walking can be said that although it has a long history, it is one of the newer forms of physical exercise. What makes it unique is that it can be an integral part of training programs of all levels in sports and wellness, as well as in wellness tourism.

A girl has Nordic walking training.

The more recent beginning of Nordic walking is related to the Nordic ski discipline, cross-country skiing. Nordic skiers practiced it for years during their summer trainings, when they did not have the opportunity to use snow. The crucial moment in the development of this form of physical exercise happened when the Finn Marko Kantaneva conducted a presentation of Nordic walking, which was actually a combination of fitness walking and cross-country skiing. Then came the original Nordic Walker sticks. Marko Kantaneva also gave Nordic walking the original Finnish name “sauvakaveli”, which originated from the Finnish language “sauva” – a stick, and “kaveli” – walking.  

Sticks for Nordic walking

Nordic walking sticks are different from those for hiking. They consist of an anatomically made handle of a stick with a bracelet, which enables the active participation of the shoulder girdle, arms and torso. At the end of the stick is a metal spike, which he uses to walk on soft terrain.

Ultralight sticks for Nordic walking.

For walking on hard terrain, a rubber accessory is used, which is placed on the tops of the sticks, in order to prevent slipping. What is also characteristic is that you have to take care of their height, and this formula will help you – your path height 0.7 (170cm times 0.7 = 119cm length of rods)

Walking technique

Nordic walking should always start on flat terrain. Resistance from the stick should be coordinated with the work of the legs. Pushing off the stick begins with a clenched arm near the body, and ends with a fully extended arm behind the body. This phase requires maximum engagement of the muscles of the forearm and shoulder joint. We bent forward torso, which increases the heart rate, and improves the coordination of the work of the arms and legs.

Effects of Nordic walking

Of all the positive effects, we will single out a few:

1. Due to a longer stay in the fresh air, you will also strengthen your immunity.

2. It’s not expensive. Apart from sticks and comfortable clothes and shoes, good will is all you need. It is recommended that you learn the technique from professionals.

3. It can be carried out at any time of the year and at any time (in nature, on asphalt, in parks).

Nordic walking training in any season.

4. This is a full body workout. Nordic walking as a rare physical activity involves as much as 90% of the body’s muscles. Remember that for 3 times a week for 45 minutes it will bring excellent results that will hang on your arms, shoulders, stomach…

5. Your heart will be stronger. In order to nourish 90% of active muscles, the cardiovascular system works harder, and it’s accelerates heart’s work by about 15%.

6. Nordic walking is an ideal activity for losing excess weight. Since the body weight relies on 4 points, this activity can be carried out for a very long time, which is the basis for fat reduction. In just one hour, with this type of walking, between 400 and 500 kcal can be consumed.

7. We guard the joints. By using sticks, we contribute to relieving the passive part of the movement system, up to 30%.

8. It is very easy to learn and is suitable for all ages.

Nordic walking is suitable for all ages.

9. Medical research has shown us that Nordic walking reduces the loss of muscle mass, relieves rheumatism, strengthens muscles, prevents osteoporosis.

10. The hormone of good mood will be secreted more intensively after about 20 minutes of doing this sport, and the muscular tension in the neck and shoulder will be another positive effect of this exercise.


If you decide to exercise like this, don’t forget:

All you need is a little good will, simple equipment (sticks) and proper technique, and success will be guaranteed.