Discover 6 Unusual Winter Sports

Discover 6 Unusual Winter Sports

We already wrote about unusual sports before, but now it’s time for the winter edition! There is more to winter sports than the usual snowboarding and skiing.

Here are our favorite six unusual winter sports.  

Ice Karting in Finland

Ice karting race has the same rules as the regular formula race, but it takes place on ice. 

Guys haveing an ice karting

In this ride on the ice track, where the tires are reinforced with metal wedges, technical skill and ability are a lot more important than the speed itself. The race starts with warm-up laps and then determines the places on the starting grid. Everyone who is over 150 cm tall, regardless of age, can take part in the race. It is mandatory to wear a helmet, and a maximum of 10 competitors can take part in the ice race. The race usually lasts for about an hour, and the length of the track varies up to several hundred meters.

Dog Sledding in Alaska

A man has a sledding with dogs on the snow

Sledding with dogs is a race in which one or more often several racing dogs participate in the competition, pulling sledges with loads over snow and ice. The distribution of racing dogs is different in different parts of the world. In Greenland, for example, dogs are arranged in a fan shape, while in Alaska they go in pairs. The arrangement of dogs depends on their characteristics (strong, fast, guide dogs). Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes are most often used for dog racing, as well as for recreational sledding, due to their abilities and endurance.

Ice Climbing in Chile

Climbing on ice is very dangerous sport

Climbing on a surface covered with snow or ice is significantly different from climbing on a rocky surface or mountain. Ice climbing can take place on icy snowy mountains, icy waterfalls, icy cliffs, etc. What characterizes ice climbing is the mandatory use of special shoes (double hiking shoes with crampons), and an ice ax. The rope that is also used in this discipline can be single or double, depending on the way it’s tied.

Climbing the icy mountains is very popular in Chile, as the Andes mountain range provides an ideal opportunity for this winter sport.

Shark Ice Fishing in Greenland

A few-men group has a shark ice fishing

Greenland shark fishing is a great challenge for all fishermen eager for an adventure. In the icy waters of Greenland, you have the opportunity to catch a famous shark that can reach a length of up to 20 meters and weigh over two tons. In order to achieve this, you need skill, but also a lot of luck. You can experience this challenge and adventure in the island town that’s famous for this sport – Uummannaq.

Snow Kiting in Utah

An example of snow kitting

Snow kiting is a winter sport where a person uses the power of a kite to move on a snow or ice surface. This sport is similar to water surfing, but it uses special shoes that are adequate for snow. In the earlier period, kites made of canvas or foil were used, while today, inflatable kites are most often used. One of the most famous resorts for snow kiting is located in Utah, in the United States. 

Ice Sailing in Poland  

A sailboat on a frozen lake

Poland is known as the land of a thousand lakes. Ice sailing is held on numerous lakes, which freeze in winter. One of the largest (Mamri) is the most suitable for this type of sport, because it is the coldest and it freezes completely. Sailing takes place in light sailboats, operated by a competitor. This sport has a very long tradition in Poland.

Conclusion About These Winter Sports

We have listed only 6 out of a few dozen unusual winter sports. Practicing any of the listed sports can produce great excitement, an unusual experience and it will surely become an unforgettable memory.