How to Set Up a Budget Home Gym

How to Set Up a Budget Home Gym

Other than the benefits for your physical health, there are many mental health benefits of self-care. During this testing year, caring about ourselves seems to have become more important than ever. And needless to say, a regular workout is an essential part of self-care. If this is your main reason for wanting to set up a budget home gym, congratulations! You’re doing a great thing for yourself! But the best thing is that doing this is not so hard. Here are some creative ideas for designing a home gym without breaking the bank.

Setting up a budget home gym is a great decision

During the lockdown, a lot of people missed going to the gym. Having a home office was necessary, but having a home gym seemed more of a luxury. But this is not really true, and you know it.

A woman using a laptop while exercising.

Home gyms are very convenient for many reasons. You won’t lose time going to your old gym and back. Also, you don’t have to wait for the equipment to be free so that you can start with your exercise. And the best thing of all is probably that it’s so much harder to make excuses with a home gym. It’s right there, in another room, so there’s no reason not to go there and start sweating.

Don’t go overboard with the equipment

A guy has a training with jump rope at home

To stay on a budget, it’s important not to go overboard with unnecessary equipment. It will make the gym look cluttered, and it’s too expensive. Instead of buying separate pieces of equipment, get a multifunctional piece that allows you to do different exercises. Finally, if there comes a time to move your move, the packing process can be simple and quick if you don’t have too many machines.

Go for the minimalistic style

We’ve already mentioned some of the benefits of going minimalistic with your home gym. However, you still need some equipment to work out. But, when choosing what to buy, make sure that you’ll be able to perform a different set of exercises on each piece of equipment.

Pullup bar

A man doing pullups.

A pullup bar is an excellent choice, as pullups are great for your body. The bar is not expensive and doesn’t take too much space, and there’s a doorframe or a wall option. You can also hang from a bar and raise your legs in different directions, to work on your abs. But, here’s a piece of advice – make sure the bar is not too close to the wall so that you’ll have enough space for your knees. Also, the doorframe pullup bar is convenient, but it limits your range of motion and doesn’t allow your head to go above the bar.

Expanders or resistance bands

A man training with a resistance band.

Resistance bands are a great addition to a home gym. They’re inexpensive, don’t take space, and allow you to perform a significant number of exercises. Basically, most things you can do with dumbbells, you can do with expanders. You can use a radiator or another thing that’s fixed to the wall and even simulate a rowing machine exercise. And you get all of that for a price that’s even below the cost of dumbbells.

Exercise mats

An exercise mat and dumbbells, important additions to a budget home gym.

You want to invest in your exercise mat. Make sure it’s thick enough, it sticks to the floor and doesn’t get easily damaged. A good mat will allow you to do a warmup session, yoga, fitness exercises, or anything else, really. You can easily roll it up when you don’t need it, and the mat won’t be in your way.

Invest in quality equipment

The fact that you’re setting up a home gym on a budget doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get quality equipment. It means that you should carefully choose what equipment to buy.

For example, when choosing a piece of multifunctional gym equipment, make sure that it allows the necessary range of motion and that it’s not too small for your height. Also, with some low-quality dumbells, you’ll need to screw the weights back on after each set of exercises, so try to avoid them. Get a recommendation from someone you trust, and buy from a brand that has high-quality products.

Avoid distractions

What’s great about all the other people in the gym is that most of them are focused on their workouts. This can motivate you to work harder and finish your daily session. However, you don’t have this at your home, unless you have a workout buddy. A cellphone can easily distract you from your goal and make your session unproductive and unnecessarily long.

A girl is running while listening music on headphones

To avoid this, get an inexpensive portable speaker for motivational music, and connect it to your phone. Consider leaving the phone in another room because changing a song can quickly turn into 10 minutes of mindless scrolling.

Find inspiration

You probably know most of the exercises you can do on the equipment in your local gym. If you don’t, other people will show you, even if you don’t want them to. However, the lack of all the equipment will challenge you to find new exercises.

New exercises are great since they surprise your muscles and help you move if you’re stuck in your workout routine. These exercises also show you that there are a lot more things you can do that you’re not even aware of. If it seems hard to find good workouts, go check out social media and YouTube. While planning to implement exercises might seem like too much work, there are other options. There are follow-along videos on YouTube that have all that you need. Also, following a particular muscle group hashtag on Instagram will give you fresh inspiration from time to time.

Favorite room in the house

A guy is doing a pullups in his room

By following these tips, you will not only set up a budget home gym, but you will get your new favorite room in the house. When in your home gym, you won’t wonder how many minutes you should work out because you’ll enjoy every second of it.