How To Lose Weight Without Losing Muscle Mass

How To Lose Weight Without Losing Muscle Mass

Losing weight without losing muscle mass is possible, and it can be done with a balanced, healthy diet and an adequate training routine.

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In general, when you lose weight, muscle mass is also gradually lost along with localized adiposities and this causes flaccidity in the tissues of various parts of the body, therefore the importance of “losing fat and gaining muscle” the right balance to improve the general appearance.

Through adequate exercises it is possible to significantly reduce fat weight, basically there are two well-defined types of workouts to achieve this: these are  aerobic and bodybuilding , the latter being the most recommended for gaining muscle mass, losing weight and shaping the body.

Healthy, low calorie and balanced diet

As a general principle, what you have to do to lose weight without losing muscle mass is to follow a diet that despite being low in calories is nutritious and complement it with weight training. The explanation is relatively simple since the muscles of the body need protein to be strong and toned.

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Focusing only on the diet to lose weight does not work since when the desired weight is reached the body is flaccid in many areas, therefore it is necessary to consume high quality proteins such as those found in chicken, fish such as salmon and tuna, yogurt and oatmeal, among other alternatives.

Milk is not good for weight loss

Milk is also an excellent source of good quality protein that helps to not lose muscle mass, but it has the disadvantage that it is not good for losing weight, therefore many nutritionists recommend almond milk that contains Omega 3 fatty acids that allow burn fat easily. Therefore, it is necessary to include natural oats without sugar in the diet. Almond milk can be obtained at health food and diet stores but it is also possible to prepare it at home just by liquefying almonds with water.

Daily calorie needs should be determined

Likewise, it is important to determine the daily caloric needs to avoid losing weight quickly. This is because there is a risk of also losing lean muscle, so it is best to make small meals more often throughout the day, without skipping the main meals and keeping your metabolism accelerated by eating 400 calories every three or four hours. This all depends on the goal and design of the diet.

Physical training to maintain muscle mass

It is recommended to train three times a week and on alternate days to allow the recovery of muscles, with sessions that are composed of at least six exercises that stimulate the legs, buttocks, abdomen and back. These exercises should be composed of 4 to 5 series of between 10 to 12 repetitions. Also, a good option is to buy a treadmill so that you keep running daily in the morning but don’t miss to use Amazon coupons to save on buying physical equipment. 

Weight training is essential to avoid losing muscle mass, but you do not need a large weight. They can be relatively light weights for women and slightly more robust for men.

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It is especially important to carry out a routine of physical exercises that include squats, lunge, lunges and lunges to tone the legs and glutes, while the abdomen will include bench strength, dumbbell openings and also parallel bottoms. Each workout should be completed with exercises to tone your back like pull-ups and rowing.

Finally, when designing the routine, two exercises should be chosen for each of the muscle groups and varied. For example, if we squat in the next workout, they can take strides and only after a week go back to the first exercises.

With these basic premises, losing weight without losing muscle mass is possible by carrying out a simple and easy-to-implement method for both men and women.


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