Why is Cold Air Good for Health?

Why is Cold Air Good for Health?

Exposure to low temperatures, such as a walk in the cold, will fill you with energy and you will be energetic for hours after you return to warmth. For the cold to have such an effect, you don’t have to expose to it for long. A short time will be enough. In addition, in this text, we will list several benefits of exposure to cold air.

We sleep better

People who suffer from insomnia have a higher body temperature, so sleeping in a slightly cooled room, at an ideal temperature of 16 to 20 degrees Celsius, will help those who suffer from insomnia sleep better, as well as everyone else. Cold stimulates the burning of calories in gray adipose tissue Gray adipose tissue produces heat and burns fat, and in babies it serves to regulate body temperature. In adults, we found adipose tissue in smaller amounts.

Our brains work better

The experts proved that people are much less likely to make bigger, more complex decisions due to high temperatures. Warm weather depletes our glucose reserves faster, and since we use glucose in mental processes, a lack of it affects our ability to make decisions.

Clean air makes us breathe better

Cold Air breathing

Autumn and winter mean goodbye to poor air quality and high levels of ozone common in the spring and summer months. Due to the fresh, clean air, this time of year is ideal for staying in nature, long walks and deep breathing.

Cold reduces inflammation and drives away infections

Inflammation of the muscles is often alleviated by placing ice on the swollen and painful. The cold air has the same effect. Many athletes use cryotherapy or ice therapy to treat inflammation and injuries, which means exposure to extremely cold temperatures. Staying outside makes us more resilient. This is because the number of cells that fight infections actually increases when we are in the cold.

Perfect running temperatures

Have you ever wondered why marathons are held in late fall? This is because it is easier and more comfortable to run at lower temperatures. Running in warm and humid weather has a very exhausting effect on our body. Research has also proven that we run faster in the cold, which means we can burn more calories in less time.

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