SOS Signals of the Liver and Simple Ways to Cleanse It

SOS Signals of the Liver and Simple Ways to Cleanse It

We all know very well that the devices and machines we use need to be cleaned from time to time. So, for example, we regularly clean the filters of a household appliance, empty the vacuum cleaner bags, etc. However, the fact is that we do not treat our organism so carefully. And while everything is fine, we don’t even think about it, everything goes naturally. But, take for example the liver, which we also call the laboratory of the organism. When it starts sending us it’s SOS signals, that’s the time to activate and help cleansing liver and recover it.

Signs that the liver is suffering

  1. Chronic fatigue – after excessive loads and stress, the appearance of fatigue is a normal thing. However, if you are constantly tired, apathetic and without energy, your liver warns you that you are in trouble.
  2. Heartburn – if you lead a healthy life and eat properly, and you often feel a burning sensation and pressure in your throat as if you have a fire in your throat, you should check your liver function.
  3. Gaining weight – keep a rigorous diet, and the pounds do not disappear. In other words, your liver has accumulated toxins that do not allow the absorption of adipose tissue.
  4. Discoloration of urine and stool – if your urine is darker and your stool is light, go for a test.
  5. The skin speaks about the condition of the liver – the yellow shade of the facial skin or the appearance of dark spots indicate a delay in the work of the liver. In addition, blurred vision and yellowish whites also indicate the same problem.
  6. Pain under the right costal arch – another reason to see a doctor

Liver cleansing – detox regime

Liver Cleansing

Although the liver is the body’s main cleanser of toxins, it itself requires cleansing. So, spend 3 to 7 days a month in the detox regime and reduce the load that this organ suffers. Therefore, the functioning of your entire organism will be much better.

What to do?

Eliminate from the diet:
Red meat, semi-finished products, gluten, coffee and black tea, sweets, alcohol, carbonated beverages, dairy products, soy products, fruits in large quantities

Add to menu:

Healthy food.

Berries (especially blueberries), cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, bitter products (radish, grapefruit), drink up to 2 liters of water a day, eat cereals, apple compote, pumpkin seeds, grated purple onion with sugar and water, finely grated carrot and smoothies.

Something interesting

The liver has an incredible power of regeneration. For example, if for some reason even half of the liver is removed, it will regain its original dimension after only 2 weeks.
Also, in case of disease, the organism draws vitamins from its liver.