Something More about COVID19 – Saturation – Measurement That Causes Anxiety

Something More about COVID19 – Saturation – Measurement That Causes Anxiety

In the last almost two years, the entire planet has been occupied by the appearance of a virus that has changed our course and way of life. Covid 19 is probably the term most used during this period. And while doctors, of course, use all the terms in this domain without any problems, ordinary laymen are sometimes in a dilemma. Do they know the true meaning of the words that they hear in the media every day? For example – what is the saturation that is necessarily talked about when it comes to Covid 19?

What is saturation?

Saturation is one of the important indicators of the state of the organism, in addition to temperature and pressure. It shows the level of saturation of capillary blood with oxygen. According to this indicator, doctors understand and interpret the condition of the patient’s respiratory system.

Something More about COVID19  -  Saturation - Measurement That Causes Anxiety - Lungs affected by saturation.

Normal saturation in a healthy person is from 90 to 100%. A decrease in the levels of these values ​​indicates respiratory insufficiency. That is, it indicates an insufficient supply of oxygen in our blood vessels.

Who is affected by saturation?

Lower levels of oxygen in the blood do not only occur with corona virus infection. Decreased oxygen values ​​are also observed in other respiratory diseases. Let’s mention pneumonia, bronchial asthma, bronchitis, one type of anemia. In addition, there are some disorders of the cardiovascular system. Saturation, as a symptom, can occur in obese people, as well as in smokers. These people cannot breathe deeply, so their lungs do not fill with enough oxygen.

So, to conclude – an unhealthy lifestyle very often results in this phenomenon.

Oxygen deficiency symptoms

Of course, it is very important to notice the signs of insufficient presence of oxygen in the body in time.

Something More about COVID19  -  Saturation - Measurement That Causes Anxiety - The guy is breathing hard.

First of all, they are – shortness of breath and frequent breathing, pale skin, trembling legs, swelling. Pay attention to these symptoms because they will first cause weakness, and loss of energy. So, your body warns you to react.

Please note that the symptoms of oxygen deficiency can also occur during physical exertion (training; physical work). However, this phenomenon is not alarming. When a person goes into a state of rest, the body is supplied with a sufficient amount of oxygen.

What is a pulse oximeter?

People from the mentioned risk groups should periodically monitor their health condition, measuring the level of saturation in the body. So, get this simple device that you can buy at the pharmacy. The principle of operation of the pulse oximeter is very simple. We put it on the finger of the hand, including the nail, and the result is obvious. If the saturation has dropped below 95%, it is a sign that you should consult a doctor.

But, for the end, one note and at the same time interesting. Do not use a pulse oximeter if your nails are painted. Anesthesiologists at a hospital in Boston found that different colors of nail polish give different results.