Mushrooms for Your Better Health

Mushrooms for Your Better Health

Food does not always have to be green or red in order to be healthy. What do you think about white or brown food? Here we are primarily referring to mushrooms. If you add them to your diet, it means that you have added many nutritional ingredients. Otherwise, they have a very diverse application. For example, add them to salads, stews, or simply fry them in olive oil and serve as an accompaniment to meat. In addition to improving the taste of the dish, you achieve another goal. Namely, mushrooms will do a lot for your better health.


What they contain and how they work

In recent years, researchers have been intensively examining the healing properties of mushrooms, as well as their role in the fight against disease. But, in order to understand what it is that gives mushrooms these properties, let’s first see what they contain and how they are characteristic.

A) Selenium 

It is interesting that white mushrooms contain more selenium than any other food. This mineral is a powerful antioxidant that fights against free radicals. And we know very well that they are one of the causes of cancer. Also, these mushrooms contain a substance that reduces the level of estrogen, which, by the way, is associated with the occurrence of breast cancer.

B) Potassium


Is also found in larger quantities in white and portabello mushrooms. It is a mineral that is responsible for regulating the work of the heart muscle. In addition, it maintains a healthy balance of body fluids, improves nerve and muscle function.

C) Vitamin B

Brown and white mushrooms contain it

D) vitamin D

Vitamin D Improves calcium metabolism, and is also found in white mushrooms



This species is found only at altitudes above 3,000 meters, mainly in Asia. Traditional Chinese medicine considers these mushrooms to be one of the most important foods. In addition to strengthening the heart muscle, it is thought to significantly increase energy. Namely, some data show that Chinese female athletes won several world records back in 1993, precisely because they used cordyceps mushrooms during training.

Also, this species is used to lower blood pressure, improve liver and kidney function. Improves memory and immune system.


Japanese researchers have found that this type of mushroom contains substances that greatly help in slowing down the spread of cancer cells. Of course, that is their dominant function, but not the only one. They are effective in many diseases, as well as in slowing down aging.