How to Train Your Lungs Properly?

How to Train Your Lungs Properly?

Supplying the body with oxygen and removing excess carbon dioxide is the most important, but not the only function of the lungs. They create substances that are very important for the body, various elements of blood (leukocytes, thrombocytes) accumulate… In addition, the lungs affect the processes of blood clotting in the body. Every minute, 6 to 9 liters of air pass through them, and in order for that air to be prepared for the lung tissue – the organism must excrete a lot of fluid in the nasal cavity, trachea and bronchi, and consume a lot of heat. This is the participation of the lungs in water exchange and heat regulation in the body. Because for the reason of healthy lungs, we must “train” it them.

A man's lungs on this picture.

The most dangerous disease on earth is a lung infection

Doctors’ advice to steel the body, to be in the air as much as possible, to do gymnastics and running, to take a shower with cold water… is usually ignored.

For those who belong to this group, we bring the official statistics from 1998: According to the World Health Organization, 17,000,000 people die from the infection every year, and the main “killer” among them is pneumonia (4.4,000,000 people a year). )

One of the reasons of lung diseases is smoking. This man should train lungs.

In our time, the indicators are no better. That is why we have the task of strengthening our health and preventing the occurrence of lung diseases.

Prevention of lung disease – Training lungs

Apart from the traditional, alternative method of treatment (certain fruits and vegetables) and of course the official medicine that promotes a healthy lifestyle, there are also very simple methods that we can apply every day without using any components.

Thanks to daily training (which we will write about later), the chest expands, improves blood flow and increases the volume of the lungs. In addition, blood vessels become more elastic. As a result, the risk of developing diseases of the vascular system is reduced.

A girl has a bronchitis. She must have a lung training.

Lung training is especially important for those who suffer from chronic respiratory diseases (bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchial asthma) as well as from frequent acute respiratory diseases. For the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases, the exercises can be done several times a day for 2-3 minutes, but after consulting a doctor.

Examples of “training” the lungs

“Storm” in the glass

A girl is drinking water with straw, while training lungs.

Fill the glass halfway with water. Insert a straw (the thinner it is, the more effect the exercise will have). Take a deep breath in through your nose and also exhale through your mouth through a straw. Water must be constantly rippling.

Hot air balloon – The example of lungs training

Slowly, so as not to cause dizziness, inflate the hot air balloon. Then blow it out, then inflate it again.

Flute player

A girl is playing a flute and has a lung training.

Musical instruments such as flute or harmonica can also be excellent trainers. In case you don’t have them, you can simply – whistle.

Shadow fight

If you have a boxing bag in the house, hit it. Beat without a break at a fast pace and for as long as possible. If you don’t have a jack, fight the “shadow”: hit the air with your hands and feet. In doing so, you try to keep moving, gradually accelerating the pace. Train for half an hour a day.

Closed fists

A man is training lungs with punching boxing bag with closed fist.

A good recommendation is an exercise for expanding the chest. Stand up straight for her, inhale with full lungs on your nose, hold your breath, gather your fists and throw both hands forward. Then, with one movement, throw your hands back, exhaling strongly with your mouth open. Take the starting position by clenching your fists and tensing your arm muscles.

Final words

In addition, it is useful for the lungs to swim, dance and run in the fresh air, meaning – training lungs.