How Stress Affects Weight Loss and Weight Gain

How Stress Affects Weight Loss and Weight Gain

Everyone will suffer stress from time to time due to relationship, financial loss, and work. Stress can affects your physical and mental behavior. A sudden increase or decrease in weight may cause a hormonal change due to stress. Sometimes you are more likely to eat food, and sometimes you do not want to eat food.

Stress has different effects that may vary from person to person and may vary from the situation. Some life changes or medical issues may the cause by sudden weight loss or gain. Cortisol hormone is present in the body, which may cause weight gain or some people face the loss of appetite.

Here in this article, we will discuss the causes of weight gain or loss due to stress. How to manage stress-related weight changes?

Why some people face weight loss and some face weight gain:

Some people have high alert level stress, and some are having habitual or little stress for a long time. Alert stress situation you will face the loss of appetite due to high stress. In Habitual stress, a person has to self-console himself; that’s why the appetite for food increases. When your body is facing stress, then increase cortisol level, which prepares the body to ‘fight or flight’ mode.

Weight gain in stress:

When stress becomes challenging to manage, then many chronic diseases may start due to over thinking. Depression, high blood pressure, kidney failure, or heart diseases may occur. Sometimes you may go into depression due to weight gain.

Weight gain in stress.

But if your weight gain is due to stress, then immediately contact the health care consultant. Stress affects everyone in daily or weekly life, but they notice it when disturbing the daily routine. If you are trying to find the solution to stress out, then give yourself and exercise for some time, spend time with family, read books, or do whatever you would love to do Etc.

Weight loss in stress:

When you are facing severe anxiety, then unexpected weight loss occurs. Weight loss may occur due to headache, indigestion, staying awake late at night, mood changes frequently, and fatigue. You do not want to eat anything when you feel tense, which results in weight loss. When working up late or working at lunch time at essential deadlines can affect internal body reactions.

Weight loss in stress.

Your body in stress may occur in fight and flight mode. Your body is prepared to release the hormone adrenaline or cortisol. Adrenaline hormone prepares your body for intense activity, but it can also lower the craving for food. Chronic stress causes an irritable bowel or constipation. In chronic stress, you forget to think about eating or anything else then you get a weight loss. Please consult a doctor for sudden weight loss; they may predict either the weight loss is due to stress or any other reason.

How to overcome the stress period?

You can overcome stress by improving the quality of food your intake. Eating healthy may help to produce many antioxidants and remove free radicals that help to deal with stress.

Food that is high in protein and carbohydrates helps to reduce stress;

  • Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, carbohydrates, and magnesium are essential to deal with blood pressure, fatigue, headaches and reduce stress hormones.
Vitamin C is good for stress relief.


If you have gradual loss or gain or more than 5pounds, then immediately consult a doctor. Health professionals will inquire properly that either the weight changes are due to stress or other factors. Psychologist and nutritional professional will tell a meal plan and deal with all day to day stress. Hormonal changes are possible, but some yoga activities to lower stress level hormone.

Health is always the priority. ☺