Getting the Most Out of Your Virtual Physiotherapy Appointment

Getting the Most Out of Your Virtual Physiotherapy Appointment

Our new normal has left us taking pretty much everything online from work to school and socializing, even things we never would have thought of; like our physiotherapy appointments. While it’s great that we have so many options to stay connected during unprecedented times, it is quite an adjustment to switch from interacting in-person to talking to a computer screen, especially when it comes to our healthcare appointments

A girl is doing online physiotherapy at home

Aside from the obvious worries over technology – downloading apps, making sure your computer or phone can connect, that your camera and mic work… Here are a few ways you can make sure that you get the most out of your virtual physiotherapy appointment:

Choose the Right Space

Arguably one of the most important things to make sure you get the most out of your virtual physiotherapy appointment is setting up in the right space. It may take some planning depending on if you live with a partner who’s working from home, or you have kids that are home doing virtual school but make sure you set yourself up in a room that is quiet and where you won’t be distracted. Just because the appointment is virtual, doesn’t mean your physiotherapist has unlimited time, so make sure you are in a space where you can focus on your appointment and that’s it.

An appropriate space for online physiotherapy

Another important aspect of the space you choose is making sure it is big enough to move. Depending on what you are doing physiotherapy for, you may need room enough to do walking lunges, or stretch out on a yoga mat, so make sure there’s enough space to allow this.

Be Prepared for Your Virtual Physiotherapy Appointment

Like we mentioned in the previous tip when you book an appointment with Versa Movement Collective or your physiotherapist you don’t get unlimited time with them, so it’s best to go into the appointment prepared.

If you’re continuing regular appointments you should have a general idea of what you may need in terms of equipment. If that’s the case, make sure to have your yoga mat, resistance bands, hand weights or foam roller nearby in case you need to work through an exercise with your therapist. If this is your first physiotherapy assessment, likely, you won’t need any equipment, but if your room has hardwood floors or another hard surface it may be beneficial to have a yoga mat ready just in case. Another common and beneficial piece of equipment is resistance bands so if you happen to have a set laying around, having them nearby for your assessment couldn’t hurt.

A girl is preparing for online physiotherapy

Whether you’re doing an initial assessment or a follow-up appointment, it’s always helpful to go into your virtual appointment with a list of any questions you may have. If you’re continuing treatment you may have some questions about the exercises you were prescribed at your last appointment, be wondering about a new pain or sensation while doing the exercises, or maybe you’re curious about how to tape your knee like your physiotherapist has done for you in the past – always keep a list of questions that come up between appointments so you’re ready to have those addressed during your next session. If it’s your first appointment, it’s normal to have a lot of questions, and it will help if you write down anything you’re curious about before you virtually meet with your new physiotherapist so you can have those addressed before you start your treatment.

Expectations and Re-Evaluating Your Treatment Goals

While it’s great that clinics like My Physio Sports & Rehab Centre have found ways to continue helping their clients despite pandemic-related restrictions, one of the hardest adjustments to this new way of seeing your physiotherapist might just be your expectations.

If you were gaining momentum and seeing some great improvements with your treatments before having to switch to virtual appointments, it can be hard to accept that you may not see results the same way as you did before. It may take more time to see results, you may require more time and clarification on exercises than you did when you had someone in-person helping you with your form, there are many reasons that we need to make sure we go into our appointments having re-evaluated our treatment goals to meet what is currently possible with this “new norm.”

A girl finished her online physiotherapy

Overall, virtual physiotherapy appointments are a great way to keep up your regular treatments, help maintain your movement and keep you pain-free, especially while spending more time at home and dealing with a shift in routine. Consider these tips before your next virtual physiotherapy appointment to make sure you’re set up to get the most out of your time with your therapist online.