Benefits of Resistance Bands and Exercise Tubing

Benefits of Resistance Bands and Exercise Tubing

As the name suggests, resistance bands give resistance to your daily bodyweight exercises & workout. They are either flat or tubular. They act as a means of building up muscles and strengthening the body. It was used in physiotherapy sessions around the 1990s, but it has become a more prominent tool/equipment for exercise in recent years. Resistance bands are beneficial for those who prefer to work out at home, not only that it can also be useful while traveling. Resistance bands and exercise tubing are less expensive and are convenient to use. It is suitable for persons of any age, whether young or old. 

A girl has a training with resistance bands at the gym

Types of Resistance Bands and Exercising tubing available in the market

1. Flat Tube Bands:

These are the most commonly & widely used resistance band. They are mostly used for rehabilitation motive and is smallest from other resistance bands. They don’t have any handles or grips, but they do come in different levels of a resistance band. 

2. Loop Bands:

A girl has a exercise with loop bands

These are also known as the power resistance band. These bands are very much alike therapy bands form a closed loop and are smaller in size. You can use these bands for pull-ups, dips, push-ups, bear crawls, etc. These are mostly available at therapy centers and gyms also. It is used for making legs strong and buttocks too. 

3. Pull – Up Bands:

These bands are mostly used by fitness freaks and are also used most commonly. They compromise much potential than flat groups when it comes to strengthening & building muscles and doing the heavy workout because they give more resistance while exercising due to its thickness. As the name denotes, they are also used while doing pull-ups. 

4. Resistance Tubes:

A girl is preparing for training with resistance tubes

Tubes generally have a different look then bands, and also act as an alternative to other various groups, and it is used. Earlier, their design was the same as the resistance band, which was a surgical tube. It makes it easier for the person to do a gym-like workout at home. You can use these tubes anywhere

5. Clip Tube Resistance Band:

There is a tube resistance band with clips

It has many features. For example, it comes with ankle cuffs in combination with the plastic handles at the other end. It has door attachments and can be used in many ways. You can take this tube even to the working place or on vacations. It is made up of rubber latex. It can add more level of resistance if combined with another resistance band. 

Benefits of Resistance and Exercise Tubing 

1. Less Expensive and Cost-Effective:

A low cost resistance bands

Resistance bands and exercise tubing are very cheap as compared to other gym equipment, such as treadmills, exercise bikes, Dumbbell sets, Rowing Machine, etc. Even if you purchase them individually or in games, these bands and tubes will cost less than other gym items. Some of them are also available with other beneficial things like guiding brochure and DVD. 

2. Hook up with Other Pieces of Equipment:

Resistance bands can be used in different ways. You can combine it with other equipment and make exercising more fun and beneficial. For instance, Combining Bicep curls with both the dumbbell and resistance band will give more efficient results. 

3. Able to Add more Level of Resistance:

These bands come with three levels of resistance, mainly light, medium, or substantial.  You can further manage the resistance by adjusting the amount of resistance while exercising by providing more or less slack on the band. 

4. Portable:

A portable gym equipment

Gym equipment is available in wide range of varieties, but many of them restrict you to working out at home only, but these resistance bands and exercise tubing are easily portable. You can even take it to the office or on holidays etc.

5. Occupy Little Space:

A girl has a training with loops bands at home

It occupies very little space in the house; it can be kept anywhere, whether in a box or a drawer, or can be hanged also. 


6. Recommend for injury recovery:

Physiotherapists also recommend these for rehabilitation from sports, muscle-related injury.


Exercising should be a part of the lifestyle, and when it comes to choosing the right equipment, then you must invest in resistance bands exercise tubing. These are cheap, easy to use, and highly effective.