Flat Soles – a Problem of the Hips and Spine

Flat Soles – a Problem of the Hips and Spine

All children have flat soles from birth. The arches of their feet are filled with a layer of fat that disappears when the child starts walking. However, neglected flat soles can cause diseases of the spine and joints.

A little girl with flat soles.

Foot formation in children lasts for the fifth year. By the first year, the footprint is flat, and a slight arch appears only in the third – fourth year. During that period, the child becomes more active, runs and jumps, and thus trains the muscles and ligaments of the feet. If the arch of the foot is properly formed, then the child does not feel any difficulties. Otherwise, the “cushioning” does not work and every impact has a bad effect on the spine and hips. That is why children with untreated flat feet often have a crooked spine and may even have a headache. There can also be disorders of the locomotor system – scoliosis, osteochondrosis, etc

Treatment of Flat Feet

  1. Orthopedic insoles
An example of orthopedic insoles for flat soles,

These pads are made for each patient individually. In order for the feet to have a proper anatomical position, it is recommended that the insoles be worn constantly. If necessary, the insoles are also worn in “house shoes”

  1. Massage and exercise
Walking barefoot outside on the grass.

Massage is an effective means of increasing muscle tone and improving circulation. It should be done by a specialist, but parents can also master simple techniques and apply them. It is important to do these exercises not only on treatments in a health institution, but also at home. For example: Walking outside of the foot, walking on the toes for 20 to 30 minutes a day, as well as walking on a special massage pad for 30 to 40 minutes a day.

  1. Massage pads
Massage pad for flat soles.

These bases are made of natural materials and are of different shapes suitable for children – circle, heart, apple, flower, etc. They are made of stone, grass, river shells.

Prevention Methods

One of prevention methods of flat soles - walking on the toes .
  • For the health of the feet, it is best for children to walk in the air as much as possible, swim, do gymnastics and walk barefoot.
  • It is necessary to choose the right shoes. It should be made of natural materials with a harder back (heel) and a flexible sole. The heel should not be larger than 1.5 cm.
  • After bathing, massage the child’s feet in a circular motion.
  • Allow your child to walk barefoot on grass, sand or gravel as much as possible. At home, allow him to lift small objects off the floor with his toes, or to roll balls on the floor with his feet.
  • Walk around the house with a child like a penguin, on your heels, on your toes, on the inside and outside of your feet.
  • Take a sea foot bath. In a large bowl, pour water up to the joints, and put sea salt on the bottom. Let the child walk on the “bottom of the sea”.
  • Don’t rush into buying expensive shoes with anatomical insoles. Let the child walk barefoot as much as possible.

When to Consult an Orthopedist

Orthopedic shoes for flat soles.
  • If the child’s foot goes down inwards.
  • If the toddler is clumsy and limps (like a teddy bear).
  • The sole of children’s shoes is thinning unevenly.
  • The child gets tired quickly after playing or walking, complains of pain in the legs.
  • Bumps or sores appear on the inner parts of the child’s feet.