Dehydration – Important Facts You Need to Know

Dehydration – Important Facts You Need to Know

Water is the source of all human life and life in general. Also, in the water he is engaged in recreational and sports activities. This is a fact of importance for every person, and especially for athletes and recreationists. The problem arises when a person unknowingly ignores this information. Then a phenomenon called dehydration occurs in his body. Let us first remind ourselves what are important facts you need to know about dehydration.

Water as a factor of the organism

Between 60 and 70% of the human body is water. For example, a man weighing 75 kg contains up to 50 liters of water. There are about 3 quarters of water in all human cells. It transports oxygen, glucose and fat to the muscles through the blood. In addition, at the same time it removes from the body harmful products of metabolism, and through sweat the body breaks down. Due to its electrochemical properties, water participates in over 90% of metabolic processes in the body.

What is hydration

A girl si drinking water.

Hydration is a sufficient intake of water in the human body. So, If we assume that during maximum physical activities, more than 2 liters of sweat are lost, it is clear that the intake of an adequate amount of water is a prerequisite for the proper functioning of the organism. Hydration in active athletes takes place before, during and after training. The first phase involves the intake of foods rich in water / fruits and vegetables

Post-drainage rehydration

It involves immediate rehydration which means fluid intake in the first 60 minutes after training, In addition, there is also prolonged, which implies compensating for the technology in the next 24 to 48 hours after training.

Therefore, we must not forget the fact that for the synthesis of 1 gram of glycogen, it is necessary to take in about 3 grams of water. In addition, If the glycogen reserves in trained muscles can range from 300 to 900 grams, it is completely clear how much the athlete needs to ingest the optimal amount of liquid.

Dehydration as a sign of insufficient hydration

Dehydration is a drop in water levels below optimal values.The symptoms of this phenomenon are :

  • Thirst, fever, decreased endurance
  • Headache, significant decrease in endurance, dizziness, drop in temperature regulation
  • Collapse, even coma
Dehydration guy.

Instead of a conclusion – advice to athletes

1. Track your weight before and after training ( drop to 2% is within normal limits)

2. Pay attention to the colour of urin ( light yellow is common)

3. People who are well wounded lose up to 50% less water

4. 500 to 700 ml liquid per hour is enough for athletes who train endurance

5. Avoid fizzy drinks and caffeine