Squats – The Best Leg Exercises

Squats – The Best Leg Exercises

The best and most effective leg exercises are cones and variations of this exercise. All that matters is that the squats are done properly, in order to activate your leg muscles in the best possible way.

We will try to introduce you to different leg exercises, which will help you to physically activate your legs properly.

1. Basic squats

Basic cones are an exercise that we have all done and that we can do anywhere. It is only important that you do the exercise correctly, in order to have good results. So, you need to always have a straight back, a straight neck, and your head and gaze must be directed in front of you, never on the floor. Also, the feet are lowered to the ground at all times, without mechanical lifting on the toes, and if you can’t really resist lifting the heel, load that part of the foot with weights. It is recommended that the line to which you descend in a squat is always at some 90 degrees, while for a deep squat you go below that.

2. Barbell squats

Barbell squats at the gym.

A similar exercise as regular squats, only now the barbell is your assistant. With the exercise, you start from an upright position, and the bar with the load is on your shoulders. Looking ahead, the knees are slightly spread (at the width of the feet) and slightly bent. Inhale and start squats. Try to always straighten your back and be sure to exhale when lifting.

3. Step forward

Stepping is a very useful exercise and has a very good effect on the development of your leg muscles. The starting position is the same as for barbell squats. From the starting position, take a step forward and descend to the 90-degree line. When you return to the starting position repeat the principle but with the other leg. So, as with all squat exercises, the back is straight, the gaze is directed forward, and the legs are level with the body.

4. Squats on the device

Squats performed on the device are especially good for people who have back problems. Since you are in a supine position, your back is supported, so there can be no unwanted injuries or stretching. Load the device with the weight that suits you and push with your feet. The effect will be the same as when you do regular squats. So, with this exercise you can create a greater load.

5. Exercises for calves

Squats for calves.

Although squats are the main exercise for the legs, we must not neglect the leaves either. Leaf exercises can be performed anywhere. In the gym, it will be a device intended especially for training this group of muscles, but you can also achieve great results at home, exercising on the door sill. What is important is that your heels are raised, so that when you get on your toes, the effect is complete.