An All-Exclusive Guide to the Perfect Small Group Training Program

An All-Exclusive Guide to the Perfect Small Group Training Program

Some of the most common reasons people stop going to a gym include impersonal experience and the lack of personal attention. Even the most experienced fitness buffs often feel lost or demotivated without personal attention. Tiny group training sessions are the saving grace for anyone looking for a new style of exercise or some motivation to achieve their fitness goals. 

Read on to find out all you need to know about small training groups and how to select the one best for you. 

What are Small Group Training Programs?

Personal trainers are every fitness buff’s dream. They monitor your training progress, iron out routines that are not working for you, help you with your diets, and pull you whenever you want to give up. However, everyone can’t afford an excellent personal trainer. While you may find it ok to work out all by yourself in the beginning, in the long run, even the most experienced gym-goer needs a trainer. 

Girls has a training.

Small group sessions are a great way to get the benefits of personalized training. That training will not burn a hole in your pockets! They are usually hour-long sessions where you group with a small number of fitness enthusiasts and work with a personal trainer. But the price is not the only (or the most attractive) benefit of these training programs. Here are some other benefits of enrolling in small group fitness sessions. 

Allows for More Personal Attention

Everyone loves personal fitness trainers for all the reasons mentioned and more. When you are part of a small training group, you get more personal attention than when you are a part of larger groups (30 members and more). Since there are fewer members in every group, it gives an excellent opportunity for your instructor to monitor your progress closely and readjust the routine based on your needs. 

Helps in Making Friends Easily

Socializing at the gym.

Working out is a strenuous activity that becomes even more tasking if you are doing it alone. When you have a bunch of fitness buffs motivating you, working out next to you, or even indulging in locker-room chit-chat, you are much more in love with the idea of going to a gym. In addition, they help you stay on-point with your training goals too. The smaller your training group is, the better are your chances of finding your gym partner for life!

Provides DirectionalMotivation

It is one thing to motivate your friend to score better grades but a different thing to actually work with them on said goals. When you enroll in small group training, your motivation comes directly from peers who are all doing the same exercise routines and have similar fitness goals. This kind of directional motivation is what makes all the difference in the world of fitness. 

Encourages Healthy Competition

Losing that post-holiday weight can be trickier than you imagine. It is always nice to have others give you a healthy competition to reach these goals faster. So, when you see that Mindi in your small training group can do 50 sit-ups in sets of five, you immediately start working towards matching her records. As long as it is healthy and positive, competition is your best friend at the gym.

Acts Like an Inspiration Beacon

Training at the gym.

How often do you hear someone say, ‘I want the perfect BMI as per my height’? Not very often, right? But ‘I want a physique like Gal Gadot’ is pretty standard! Words like this become fitness goals. When you see someone who looks a certain way and is a part of their training regime, you are more inspired to work on your goals. 

Short sessions with max results

Most of the small group sessions are one hour or less, making it convenient for anyone with a crammed workday. But these short and sweaty sessions give you maximum results that even a three hours session cannot (frankly, three hours is just TOO MUCH for anyone).  

What Makes for a Good Small Training Group?

Now that you know all about the benefits of enrolling in small fitness groups, you must know what makes a group the right one for you. Here are some points you should consider before saying yes to the session.

Flexible Timings –While it is a good practice to adhere to one set time for going to the gym, it is good to have more options and time slots available in case of emergencies. 

Thorough counseling before joining – Not all members have the same stamina, medical conditions, or fitness goals. So, trainers must assess your body’s fitness level before assigning you to a group.

Consulting before joining.

Variation in exercises – No one likes doing the same thing over and over again. Choose training sessions that provide variation in exercise routines and periodically change them. 
Equal emphasis on all core exercises – The best kind of fitness is the one that is holistic and sustainable. While weights and equipment are great, your training session is incomplete with another core exercise. Choose a training provider that puts equal emphasis on cardio, endurance, core strength, and flexibility.

Reasonable budget – There is really no point in going to a gym if you are going to be stressed because of how much the gym costs in the first place. There are several choices in different budget groups that you choose from, without adding to your worries.

Summing Up

Did you know, ‘I will exercise regularly’ is one of the most common new year resolutions? However, more than 80% of people drop out by February! Your body can withstand almost everything. It is your mind that needs convincing. Once you master the art of conquering the mind, even the sky is not your limit. While this kind of motivation applies to almost all walks of life, it is a Hail Mary. Here’s hoping the tips mentioned above call out to the inner fitness enthusiast in you and you enroll in a small group fitness training that’s right for you.