Gym Mirror and Its Role in Gym Decoration

Gym Mirror and Its Role in Gym Decoration

Why install a gym mirror? Other than the obvious aesthetic aspect, having a mirror is important because it lets the people who are working out follow their movements and the position of their bodies. This is crucial for proper and effective exercise.

However, it also creates an attractive environment. When perfectly installed, the space will look bigger and more organized, as well as aesthetically appealing. So, when installing a gym mirror, one is required to be meticulous when selecting the perfect position. You shouldn’t place it randomly in your gym.

This article is a guide for gym owners and gym interior decorators alike, on how they can get the most from their gym mirror (or mirrors).

Installing gym mirrors directly opposite a large window

Gym with an equipment in front of the mirror

Gym mirrors have the best effect when there is adequate light around them. Enormous glass windows permit natural light to go through them into the gym condition. This way, there is better illumination which can be utilized to make the gym look brighter. A mirror should be placed on the wall opposite the large glass window. This way, the light bounces off the wall mirrors which then make the room brighter while also producing high-quality images.

For gym spaces that don’t have huge glass windows, you can use artificial overhead lighting. Also, lighting can be mounted on the wall facing the glass mirror so that there is a better reflection from the mirrors.

Even if you have a home gym in your Metal Buildings or Garages you can add a large mirror to make it look even more professional and to help you stay motivated for your workouts.

Add a movable gym mirror to your home gym

Movable mirror at the gym

Having portable gym mirrors makes the gym space more usable. The gym can be utilized for different exercises,yet have limited space. Portable gym mirrors are the perfect solution for this, as they can be easily moved.

Install your gym mirror 1 meter away from the equipment

Distance between mirror and equipment

Fitness equipment should not be too close to the mirrors if they have to remain in good condition for a long time. The distance from the mirrors to the equipment should be maintained at around one meter. This protects the mirrors from any risk of being damaged should an accident occur.

Most gyms owners fail to identify a good distance between the mirror and the equipment which then results in scratching or shattering of the mirrors during accidents. The floor can be marked using paint to show the position the equipment should be placed. The line should be distinct, and the gym owner should be strict when arranging the equipment in the gym to not go beyond the marked line.

Installing floor to ceiling mirrors in the gym

Flor to ceiling mirror at the gym

Floor to roof mirrors, create a very appealing effect in a gym. The surface you need to cover may require you to purchase more than one piece. The pieces are then fixed together so that they can cover a large area. These mirrors provide a really good view, so everyone in the gym can follow the course of their workout, no matter where they are.

Furthermore, this type of mirrors became such a standard for the gyms worldwide, that not having it would make a gym look old-fashioned or even boring.

Add LED lighting around your gym mirror

Mirrors with LED lights at the gym

Now, here’s something that will make your gym look even more attractive and trendy! Even if you’re just working out at home, adding LED lighting to your home gym mirror will make you even more eager to spend time in this space!

And all it takes to get that extra boost for your gym mirror is one tiny LED strip! It’s a pity to miss out on something so amazing that’s achieved so easily! Just make sure to select the right color of the LED light, and you’re good to go!

Final words

Ultimately, selecting the right type of mirror and installing them in the right position should be a consideration for any gym owner. It helps improve the décor as well as make the pace more comfortable to use.