A Complete Guide to Buying an Exercise Bike

A Complete Guide to Buying an Exercise Bike

An exercise bike is an excellent addition to your home gym. Before you make a purchase, do you know which features to look for? No? Read on!

The popularity of spinning classes has now helped drive a lot of interest in exercise bikes, which also caused a lot of innovation in the production process. Whether you’re looking for a spin class experience at home, or you’re an outdoor cyclist who wants to maintain the exercise routine even during bad weather – read on!

Exercise bikes in a gym

The price of an exercise bike

You can pay anywhere from $200 to $2,000 for a new exercise bike. More expensive machines usually have sturdy designs and more features, but some of the more affordable machines can offer a good workout.

Size and shape

Before buying the best exercise bike for weight loss, you must find the right machine for you, since exercise bikes vary in size and shape. So when you shop for one, choose this machine for your size in the store. Make sure you have comfortable seats and pedals that fit your feet. These machines vary in size and shape. So when you shop for one, choose this machine for your size in the store. Make sure you have comfortable seats and pedals that fit your feet.

A girl on an exercise bike at home

“Non-fitness” features

Decide which best additional features are important to you before buying the machine. You may not thing of it too much when first buying a bike, but “non-fitness” features like a bottle holder and/or a phone rest can make all the difference for you during the workout itself.

Exercise bike display

exercise bike display

Find a clear display with easy-to-use controls. It enhances the performance of your bike. Take a good look at your heart rate, speed, calorie burn, per minute revolution (RPM), and some combination of resistance levels. It will be accompanied by a display of time and distance details. Ideally, these parameters should be displayed on the screen simultaneously, which makes it easier to keep track of your performance than if you only have one value displayed at a time.


Consider machines with programs for you that allow you to adjust better routines based on your fitness level. Heart-rate-controlled workouts that take into account your age, weight, and gender are a great choice.


three people exercising

Find a machine that is easy for you to adjust and has a variety of workout levels. Most practice bikes have electronic resistance controls.


Ensure your exercise bike is locked and out of reach of children. Make sure the kids are kept away from your exercise bike when you’re using it. If you live in a family with small children, you must pay attention to how the exercise bike is built.

Statistics says that thousands of kids are injured each year due to the use of exercise equipment. To prevent this, make sure the bike’s mechanics are covered so that kids don’t get stuck on their fingers.

Add a heart rate monitor into the mix!

An athlete putting on his heart rate monitor

A heart rate monitor is not an integral part of an exercise bike, but is an excellent addition that helps you track your performance during the workout. We’d strongly recommend incorporating one into your workout regime – but count on spending additional 80-120 dollars in order to purchase it.

Final words

The exercise bikes allow you to reap all the benefits of cardio without leaving your home in case you’re unable to hit the open road or access a studio. They’re also a life saver for many fitness lovers during a pandemic. With this guide you just read, we’re sure that you’ll know how to pick the right one for yourself.