Top 5 Weight Calculator Tools Online

Top 5 Weight Calculator Tools Online

The purpose of weight calculators is to show muscle to fat ratio and BMI in your body. You think you’re fat and you can’t seem to be able to lose weight? It’s time to use weight calculators that will assess how much fat is stored in your body, and adjust your workout regime (as well as workout goals) accordingly.

This is why we made this little top list for our readers! It contains links to some awesome body weight calculators which you can use on your fitness journey to help you reach your goals.

1. BMI Calculator:

BMI or “Body Mass Index” calculator is quite possibly one of the best known weight calculators. Since each body is unique and tells its own story, BMI also takes various things into account when calculating your body mass. Most notably your weight and your height, but also your age and sex – certain BMI calculators you can find online will even take your race into account (given that average built and height varies in different races). This being said, BMI is not always precise – it is only used for measuring the body mass of healthy adults. It’s not used for measuring body mass of children, chronically ill people who may have a certain weight due to health issues, or pregnant women who are expected to weigh more than usual.


2. Ideal Weight BMI Calculator:

Ideal weight BMI calculator offers new ways to evaluate various sorts of fat. It can calculate underweight, overweight, obesity, and normal weight. We mentioned above that pregnant women have a different weight and a different metabolism and they can’t use BMI. Well, this weight calculator has calculators for pregnant women as well! Other than that, it offers you a unique insight into army requirements, with its army body fat calculator.

BMI classification

3. FITCAL – Fitness Calculator:

FITCAL – fitness calculator is like a personal trainer which is very easy to use. You have to enter your current weight, age, height and sex, as well as the level of physical activity in your daily life. After that, you need to select what is your goal – lose weight, gain weight or stay at your current weight. Fitcal will then calculate your BMI and the recommended daily calorie intake that will enable you to reach your goal.

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4. Life Sum Calorie Intake Calculator:

This weight calculator, called Life sum calorie intake calculator is quite convenient if you want to calculate the ideal calorie intake. This property is similar to the one we previously covered, however the scale of physical activity it offers you may seem more flexible (since it is more nuanced). If you liked the features of the previous calculator, but you weren’t quite satisfied with how you evaluated your lifestyle, you’re gonna love this one! You can combine it with the previous one for best results.

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5. Full Body Analysis Calculator:

Full Body Analysis Calculator is a medical app that takes various factors and measurements into consideration, and is focused not only on the aesthetic aspect of your weight, but also on your health. We know that you may not feel like filling out all of these fields, but it’s worth it! Even more so if you are trying to lose weight for health reasons, and not just because you want to fit into that trendy pair of skinny jeans! 

We hope that this little guide was useful to you. Knowing your body is one of the crucial things you need in order to achieve your fitness goals, and tools we showed in this article are going to be your faithful ally in this endeavor.