Take Your Body to its Absolute Limits with Metabolic Training

Take Your Body to its Absolute Limits with Metabolic Training

A short definition of metabolic training is “performing complex exercises with as little rest as possible”. But, in this text, we will try to bring you closer to the basic features of this way of exercising, which aims to burn calories to the maximum. So, let’s take a look at how to push your body to its absolute limits with metabolic training.

Characteristics of metabolic training

Metabolism training

As we have stated, the main goal is to completely exhaust the main energy systems of the body. By the way, this form of training is not at all complicated, but it is extremely demanding. Because it involves the maximum amount of energy and the engagement of many joints, such as, for example, squatting with thrust. It is also very effective for quickly removing fat deposits, as well as improving the cardio-vascular system. In addition, it involves engaging large muscle groups and loading the spine.

High intensity training

HIIT training

Metabolic training is high-intensity anaerobic exercise, where you run out of breath. If you are doing these exercises, and there is no sweating and heavy breathing, it means that you are NOT exercising properly. In an ideal scenario, you should be lifting as heavy as possible and resting as little as possible.
Trainings are organized in such a way that 4 to 12 exercises are performed, which are performed connectedly in so-called circles. Of course, what is very important is that the breaks between those circles are as short as possible, and last a maximum of 120 seconds. Otherwise, performing exercises can be measured by repetitions (1o – 15), but you can also limit yourself to a certain period (30 seconds) and try to do as many exercises as possible in that interval.
So, the most important thing – don’t spare your body, strain it to the limit.

Benefits of metabolic training

Metabolism fitness

One of the main and visible effects is the significant burning of fat deposits.
For example, during a 30-minute workout, up to 500 calories can be burned. Also, the metabolic rate increases by at least 25%, and that in the next 48 hours, while some studies say that this effect lasts even 72 hours.
In other words, these results of metabolic training are very noticeable, because our body consumes more oxygen and “damages” the muscles. For this reason, he has to engage and invest a lot of energy in order to return to “homeostasis”.
In addition to the aforementioned, this type of training improves the work of the cardio-vascular system, and also affects the hormonal system, which will help break down fat.

Why should you push your body to its absolute limits with metabolic training?

Hopefully, after reading the text above, you have an answer to that question. But, we add another advantage of this way of training – saving time. Namely, it is enough to practice this method of exercise 4 times a week. In addition, if the training is well designed, it can last only 15 minutes and achieve the effect as if you practiced for an hour, according to some other principles. However, we recommend that you first, with the help of an expert, carefully design and perfect the performance technique.