Some Interesting Facts about Daily Calorie Intake

Some Interesting Facts about Daily Calorie Intake

Most of those people who take care of their health and appearance, and thus of their diet, carefully follow the advice of experts and apply them. But sometimes it happens that we try to modify these tips and adjust them excessively. For example: the diet proposal says “reduce your carbohydrate intake by the amount H and you will lose 1 kg in a week.” We often think “if I completely eliminate carbohydrates from my diet, I will lose a lot more weight.” However, is it so? Let’s see, because what some interesting facts tell us about daily calorie intake.

The best pattern for a slim waist

Slim waist

Of course, each of us wants the best possible effect after the invested effort. Likewise, we want that effect to be manifested in the shortest possible time. But do you think you should run 10 km at once, or starve for a few days and expect immediate results?
In other words, will we achieve the desired result by speeding up and exaggerating? We all know the answer – no. Because anything taken to an extremely unhealthy extreme cannot produce positive effects.
Therefore, let’s focus on nutrition and the basic patterns that rest on it. Namely, we should know that the secret of a slim waist and a healthy body is in the following formula:
80% nutrition + 10% training + 10% genetics.
The diet is most effective when it is made up of small portions. So, experts recommend 6 smaller meals during the day. In this way, our metabolism continuously participates in fat burning mode.

How much carbohydrates to eat

carbohydrates to eat

These are substances that keep the balance between proteins and fats. That’s why we can’t even imagine any healthy diet without carbohydrates. Make sure that they are represented in every meal and that you process them as little as possible. In other words, eat fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains (whole grains). Experts recommend that complex carbohydrates should make up 40% of your daily menu.

Fat consumption

If you want to be slim and healthy, you must have a reasonable approach to the intake of all nutrients in your diet. That is, being slim does not mean that you should avoid fats. On the contrary, if you eat healthy fats throughout the day, you will have a beautiful and healthy body. But you have to choose fats wisely.
For example, consume coconut oil. It is highly nutritious, contains saturated fat and antiviral agents.
Egg yolks, olive and walnut oil, and seeds are also sources of healthy fats.
Aim for 15 to 20% of your total daily food intake to be healthy fats.



Protein intake is very important in building muscle mass. Therefore, make sure you are using protein from the best sources. This includes meat from naturally raised animals, fresh fish and eggs. Also, eat raw, unsalted stone fruits and some dairy products.
Otherwise, your menu should include 5 to 6 grams of protein, in 6 meals a day.

What we learned about the facts about daily calorie intake

As you can see, the essence of the whole story is that you should not go from extreme to extreme when it comes to nutrition. Because, here too, the golden mean is very important. Once you master the choice of foods in your diet and create a balanced menu, a beautifully sculpted body will not be missing.