Swimming as One of the Most Effective Forms of Exercise

Swimming as One of the Most Effective Forms of Exercise

Whenever physical activity is mentioned, most of us immediately think of machines in gyms, gymnastics, running, walking, exercising at home and the like. Unfortunately, swimming usually comes last. Also, we most often apply it in the summer, meaning the sea or river. This means that we most often associate it with the summer period and forget that there are also swimming pools, which are available all year round. For this reason, in this text we will remind you about swimming, as one of the most effective forms of exercise.

Features and benefits of swimming


First of all, this form of physical exercise involves most of the total musculature and allows for the improvement of the body’s aerobic abilities. Therefore, it increases the strength of the entire musculature, strengthens the respiratory and cardio-vascular systems, and has a beneficial effect on the skin. During swimming, the nervous system relaxes and gets rid of everyday stress. In other words, there is no part of our body that swimming does not have a positive effect on. Apart from all the listed, general benefits, there is one more. Namely, this activity can be practiced by all ages, as well as those who are physically very fit, as well as people who are absolute beginners in exercise.

What happens in our body while we swim?

Swimming body

In the previous paragraph, we listed the basic positive effects of swimming. But let’s mention something else. Let’s not forget, the resistance that our body feels while moving through water is as much as 15 times greater than the resistance we feel surrounded by air. This requires serious engagement of all muscles, which over time leads to shaping of the shoulder girdle, arms, stomach, and legs. So, there are no muscles that are neglected and are at rest.
Therefore, energy consumption during water activities is very high. The excess body mass found in fat deposits is significantly reduced. For example, if we swim crawl style for 45 minutes, we will spend about 400 kcal. Or, if we apply the dolphin style, we can burn as much as 600 kcal.
Of course, we understand that one swim will not do a miracle for our appearance or health. However, it is enough to apply mild recreational activity and exercise 3 times a week, for 30 minutes each. For some more serious exercise, it is recommended to swim daily for about 40 minutes.

Some useful tips

Swimming jump

If you decide to swim in the pool, of course, you must pay attention to the water temperature. Namely, too cold water can cause muscle cramps, as well as hypothermia. At the same time, high water temperature can lead to increased energy consumption, with serious consequences. .
Also, take care of which swimming style you choose. For example, if you have back pain, avoid breaststroke and dolphin style. Instead, you can work lightly with your arms and legs while lying on your back.
Otherwise, you can perform various exercises in the water, without the risk of injuring your joints.

Conclusion about swimming, as one of the most effective forms of exercise.
For the most part, we have outlined all the benefits of physical activity in the water. However, we still recommend that, before going swimming, you visit a doctor and consult with him.