What is More Important – What We Eat or How Much We Eat?

What is More Important – What We Eat or How Much We Eat?

This is probably a dilemma that has existed for a long time and will continue to be a reason for expressing different opinions in the future. Of course, some experts advocate the opinion that the amount of calories is the main reason for our weight to vary. But there are also those who claim that the quality of food (calories) is what determines the success of our diet. So, let’s look at what is more important – what we eat or how much we eat.


Quality is as important as quantity

Unfortunately, there are experts who advocate only one opinion in magazines and claim that reducing the number of calories consumed necessarily leads to a reduction in body weight. However, there is also a completely opposite opinion that says that the content of calories is as important as their number. Therefore, if this were to be presented as a battle of two opinions, the result would be a draw. This is exactly what is positive and corresponds to the truth.
Because, the truth is not so simple. For example, let’s look at the following case – a person who eats 1500 calories of white bread a day, will be less healthy than one who consumes 200 calories of unprocessed food. Of course, this does not mean that you should consume an excessive amount of healthy food.

A healthy diet

healthy diet

We know that food is not the only means of losing weight. It is also a way to support and provide for our daily activities. It would be ideal to establish a balance and at the same time eat little enough so that we do not gain kilograms, but also enough to meet the needs of the body. In other words, if we consume few calories, it is important to simultaneously consume as many nutrients as possible. Food must be very rich in elements important for the functioning of the body. Most of the people who are based on small amounts of calories are wrong here and that is why such diets do not end in success.

A few useful examples

For all of us, especially those who play sports, the quality of what we eat is of crucial importance. Yes, you can lose a few pounds if you cut back on calories. But if you eat “junk” at the same time, it will be very difficult for you to build muscles and look good.
Also, if we know that food is the basic fuel for our body, poor quality food will not ensure its normal functioning.

In order to confirm the stated facts, we give several examples for comparison:

Egg omlette

a) an egg omelette with spinach contains the same number of calories as several candy bars.
However, sweets are packed with sugar and unhealthy fats. At the same time, eggs contain the highest quality proteins, and spinach is rich in vitamins and minerals. So, it is a big mistake to base your diet only on the number of calories.
b) Let’s take two slices of bread, the same number of calories. One bread is made of white flour (without fiber), and the other is made of whole grains (5-6 g of fiber). The difference is clear.
c) Another example – a glass of apple juice (without fiber) and a fresh apple (5 g of fiber) each contain 100 calories.

What is more important – what we eat or how much we eat?

After everything stated above, we believe that the answer to this question is by no means exclusive and one-sided. Namely, there is no doubt that the number of calories we consume really plays an important role in overall health, including in reducing body weight. But the quality of those calories is just as important. So, balance and balance in the diet!