Supersets – A Way to Successfully Shape the Abdominal Muscles

Supersets – A Way to Successfully Shape the Abdominal Muscles

Of course, whenever we imagine a well-shaped and attractive body, we have before us an image of developed shoulders and a flat stomach. But we have to ask ourselves what is behind this appearance, how much time the person has devoted to exercise and proper nutrition. That’s why in this text we will deal with the question “what are supersets, as a way to successfully shape the abdominal muscles.”

What are superseries?


This method is two exercises done together. First, do a series of the first exercise and immediately move on to the second series, without any break. In this type of training, you use antagonistic superseries. In other words, train the opposite muscle groups.

Beneficial effects of superseries

By using this training method, we contribute to a much better effect. Namely, if we do exercises under an unchanged load, the hormone that leads to muscle growth is rapidly released – But, if we train the opposite muscle groups, this change will greatly please our body and ensure a balanced effect.

Time and dates

For each such training, you need to set aside 45 minutes, including the warm-up. Also, experts recommend that you rest 1 day between each superset workout.

Load as a factor in the successful shaping of the abdominal muscles
The goal of this training is to develop the muscles evenly and to ensure their proportional growth, so set the same load for each superset.

Warm up

Warm up

We know the importance of warming up well. Try to do 5 minutes each on any cardio machine, then do 4 sets of warm-up with your own body weight. For example, let it be push-ups or lunges.

Exercise pace

Raise the weight for 1 second and lower it for 2 to 3 seconds. Likewise, rest for a minute between each superset.
Otherwise, experts recommend doing 10 reps of the first exercise in a superset, then moving on to the next exercise and doing another 10 reps without rest.