How to Beat the Fat Traps That Threaten Your Waistline

How to Beat the Fat Traps That Threaten Your Waistline

You probably think you are aware of all the dangers that threaten to make you chubby. It’s not surprising if we say that milkshakes and fast food can make you gain a few extra kilos. But not all dangers are so obvious. What’s more, you might even enjoy some of them. So, let’s see how to beat the fat traps that threaten your waistline without you even paying attention to them.

1. Addiction to fast food

Fast food

We know very well that fast food is also fatty. Namely, consuming these foods only twice a week can create serious problems. For example, a study published in the International Journal of Nutrition showed that 25% of women who consume fast food more than once a week are more susceptible to obesity. In other words, it was observed that the fat deposits that accumulate in the abdominal area can increase the waist circumference by more than 80 cm.Snacking in front of the TV

How to fight this?

Limit, or completely eliminate this type of food. It may be easier said than done, but it all depends on you. Prioritize meals based on vegetables, salads, grilled fish and lean meats. Also, limit the intake of sweetened drinks, pasta, creamy dressings. Also, always choose smaller portions.

2. Snacking in front of the TV

TV Snack

Of course, this is a well-known habit. Likewise, we know very well that this is a dangerous trap for our waistline, and ultimately, for our health. Otherwise, any television viewing for more than 4 hours a day seriously threatens to endanger our good line. Why?
When you watch TV, you use much less energy than during any “sedentary” activity (reading, writing, working on the computer). At the same time, while conserving energy, you consume foods that are, most often, unhealthy (various snacks) and whose ingredients accumulate on your waistline.

What to do

The answer is obvious – avoid this habit. But since it is a big challenge, we recommend that you at least reduce the number of hours spent in front of the TV. In this way, you avoid introducing unhealthy and unnecessary foods into your body, which actually represent fat traps for your waistline. Besides, maybe the time you didn’t use to watch your favorite series could be spent on a walk.

3. You eat too fast

Fast eating

Here is another trap that threatens you. Namely, when you eat too fast, you actually stuff yourself with much more food in order to get full. Experts believe that this bad habit is a consequence of the stress you feel. Therefore, the problem is also of a psychological nature, and thus you are in a vicious circle.


Certainly, the goal is to slow down. If possible, eat in company. Talk to family and friends, take a break between bites, chew your food slowly, observe others at the table. And, to repeat – don’t eat in front of the TV.

4. Small snack packs

You might think that small packs cut calories and give you control. However, research has shown the exact opposite. Namely, the respondents who ate from smaller packages tended to take new “bags” of snacks again and again, unaware of the total amount they ate.

What is better?

Some experts recommend that you consume snacks from larger packages. Because, in this way, as they state, you have a greater possibility of controlling the amount you eat and you will be aware of how much you have eaten. Of course, there are completely opposite opinions. So, the decision is up to you. What really matters is that you have control over your junk food intake, in general. It doesn’t matter if there is a full table in front of you or just a small plate.

To conclude

We believe that we have not discovered anything new with this text. All these phenomena are well known to us. Maybe that’s why we don’t attach great importance to all that. But this is also our fault. So, let’s remember the facts we suppressed and try to apply them.