Some Interesting Facts about Curling

Some Interesting Facts about Curling

Winter sports fans will enjoy the broadcast of the Winter Olympics in Beijing this month. Among the sports that will definitely attract the attention of spectators is curling. For those who watch this game for the first time, the movements and activities of the participants, ie players, will seem strange. Of course, this is not a sport that is known to a wide mass of people. Even the term itself is not generally known and domesticated. So, let’s look at some interesting facts about curling.


Carling originated in the countries rich in lakes, in the north of Europe. The oldest written document mentioning curling dates back to the 16th century and was found in Scotland. The author of the first records is the Scottish McCuxin, who described the “duel on ice” at the time. Edinburgh is home to the oldest active curling club, founded in 1838. The first major international competitions in this sport were held in the 19th century in North America and Europe. Curling appeared in the program of the Olympic Games in 1924, but as a demonstration sport. It was not until 1998 that it became the official winter Olympic sport. By the way, it is very widespread in Canada, North America and the Scandinavian countries.


Rules of the game

Of course, the game took place on ice. The two four-member teams aim to use an “broom” and a “brush” to bring 8 stone balls as close to the center as possible. The leader of the team starts by throwing his two stones towards the center marked on the ice surface. Players from both teams take turns throwing from the other side of the track. The round is over when each team throws all their 8 stones. If the result is tied, the game is played as long as it takes for one team to win.

The curling stone is circular in shape, even 10 times larger than a hockey puck. It is made of granite, its height reaches 11 cm, and the maximum weight can be up to 19 kg. A brush or broom is used to clean the ice in the path of the stone, but also to maintain balance when throwing stones.

Curling gear

The game requires professional shoes that have a built-in “slider”. In case you do not have these shoes, you can also wear sneakers, on which you put skates. Also, good gloves are a necessary prop, in order to keep warm and protect your hands. The jerseys are usually made of polyester, the same for all team members. The pants are a little wider at the waist, due to the freedom of movement.

Curling gear

In addition to personal equipment, the quality of the ice is very important. This ice is different from the one for skating or hockey. Its temperature is lower by 3-4 degrees, and the surface must be impeccably clean, without unevenness and cuts.

Who can play curling

Extreme physical fitness and readiness are not required to practice this sport. It can be played by all ages, all generations and both sexes. Unlike other collective sports, the game is not based on the size and strength of the participants. It can be played equally well by different players, even in the same team. In addition, the rules of the game can be learned very quickly, and some long-term training is not needed at all. Of course, physical fitness can help you gain an advantage, but you don’t need it.

Instead of a conclusion

We believe that we have at least somewhat brought you closer to this game on ice and revealed some interesting facts.

Therefore, if you see a competitor who cleans the ice in front of a stone with a brush at high speed, and his teammates shout and hurry him, know that this strategy game is also called “ice chess”.